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Nom de la marque

GoldenBoy Mobility (


Golden Boy Mobility has been around for 32 years and has been a family owned business. Gary Sr. and his brother created a handicap lift that then was purchased by one the industry leaders and was used for many years to follow. Gary Jr. worked with his dad growing up and has been around the industry for a long time and many of the customers remember him as a kid and working in the back shop. Gary Sr. has finally decided to retire and hand off the business to his son. His focus was on customer service, providing customers with exactly what they needed (even if that meant fabricating it because something didn’t yet exist), and creating good quality products. Respected within the community.
Times are changing. Many of his competitors are acting like normal car dealerships and becoming very very profitable. I have received an overwhelming response from current customers and potential customers that the other companies within the area strongly lack customer service, personal attention, let alone know about their personal lives at all.

-Golden Boy is now a small, but very strong player in the market.
-Golden Boy has been around for 32 years (by far the most in our market)
-Customers are not happy with Ability Center’s customer service
-Customer service, personal service is revered by customers and vendors
-Perceived as a family owned smaller operation

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Any disabled person or person that requires mobility assistance. Mitch who was in an accident and is still very independent, strong, dedicated. Mary who is getting older and has been having a difficult time getting around. Rick, who was injured while serving in combat operations overseas and is very strongly involved in veteran organizations. Nancy who is taking care of her son with MS or cerebral palsy. All of these people share one bond - an interest in having the freedom and ability to be mobile and get out and enjoy being able to do things in life – normal shopping, and traveling to/from work, getting to medical appointments, traveling hwy1 etc.

(side note - logo was in basilea reg)


ai file is just to see how much content I needed, layout up to you can be multi fold
Use product pics
show different categories lifts etc


1 Drive customers to call or to go to the web site to do more in-depth research

2 Increase awareness by reaching those that do not know the Golden Boy story (used as a take away at events or leave behind at locations)

3 The Tri-fold should be an extension of the web site and brand. It should tell our story, while letting customers know that we are experts in all of the many mobility products on the market

Current perception

I have very specific needs. I want to be treated fairly and with respect. I am may or may not be price conscious, however I want a quality product. Customer service seems to be an afterthought.

What we want them to perceive

Gary, Levi, Sean, Tracey. Really care about my needs. They know exactly what I want and have bent over backwards to help me. I really trust them, they have been in the industry for a long time and really know about the products. They not only provide me with quality products, but the right quality products for my needs.

Golden By is dedicated to providing quality products, and providing customer support.

Message to our consumer
Providing freedom through quality, customer service, and trust
Tag line “GO. BE. LIVE” should be carried throughout the trifold (see web site)

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