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The farm offers service for horse owner all over the world, who bought a horse in USA Export work in their home country of the buyer ALL IN ONE HAND:

a) Quarantine and
b) Shipping of the horse from sellers home to quarantinestation and
c) shipping to airpirt with flight to the new owner

New customers in Europe should be found!

On 14.9.2008 will be a horse show in Great Britain. For that date we need urgent a logo (font + colour see below). As time is VERY limited, logo + Broschure-Design in one Contest:

Something clean and professional that makes a clear question to look inside and a clear presentation on how to signup (tri-folded).

Nom de l'entreprise

Shortview Export

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Following the CI-questionnaire, answered by the client:

Portfolio: A full service facility (Breeding, boarding, foaling & quarantine)-Breeding farm of miniature horses.
Major task: Our full service facility emphasizes all aspects of equine care, including 24 hour supervision as needed. We provide a full door to door service fort he horse. From USA to the new owner in Europe. 

Close to major international airports. Export business developed with the awareness to transport miniature show and breeding animals with a higher level of standard.

Company overview: Shortview Stud – located on over 100 acres in north Texas. Miniature horses breeding farm / Quarantine Station. Family run Farm. 70 horses – 7 breeding stallions.
Unique selling proposition: The first class exportation of Miniatures all over the world. Complete package from collection, quarantine, paperwork, transport to airport and flight home. All done under veterinary supervision and USDA approval and endorsement.
Status at the market: Have the corporate sponsorship of AMHA ( and can use the title ”Official Exporter of the AMHA“, also considered extremely professional and easy to work with from Airlines and Agents. Would probably be considered as one of the top shippers of miniatures due to numbers sent in the past 3 years. But would have to get actual numbers and comparisons in order to truly make that claim.
Main customers from: All over the world. But the most from europe.


Targent group:

- male 50%
- female 50%
- Age 30-50
- Breeder and seller of miniature horses
Target: Educate people in how exporting works and to receive more customers.


- Eye catching logo:Please use the font "Neuropol" ( It should show:  "Horses Worldwide Transport". For example:…xample.jpg
- Tri-Fold brochure:– Points:
a) USDA Approved Quarantine & Export Facility
b) Recognized as the Official Exporter of American Miniature Horses by the AMHA
c) Full Service-Complete Packages
d) Specialize in the Show Horse-Arena, Round Pen, Treadmill and Walker available to keep them in condition at no extra charge
e) Grassy turnouts
f) Centrally and conveniently located
g) New quarantine starts every other week
h) Insurance available
– First page (cover) just name "Shortview Export" preferred Neuropol font and a photo
– 2nd-3rd-4th pages (this would be basically a full page with creases down the middle) to include services and points (pick-up service, Quarantine, Transport, Flights etc.) and photos of quarantine and shipping (photos as you choose, what stands out most, at least one farm photo either here or on back as people like to see where their horse is staying).
– 5th page Studfarm overview
– 6th page-contact information
Please show "Official Exporter of the AMHA"

Dimensions (210 x 297 mm + 3 mm bleed):…i-fold.gif…nsions.gif (Please use 3 mm bleed, dont 1 mm)
- Prefered Colours: black, purple, dark grey and gold
- Photos Download (Note: we have only them, please optimize for print - 300dpi - and work with them):……
    -  File specifications: Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator

Ne veut pas

Not to girly!

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