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Stylish wig company needs fresh stylish brochure!

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Freedom Wigs Hong Kong - four panel brochure


Who are we? We sell wigs to people with Alopecia and total hair loss. Most of our clients are women, some children and some men. We aren’t like a traditional wig store because our clients aren’t sick they have Alopecia or other permanent hair loss conditions, and need to look “normal” again. Our office has a happy young vibe…not a kind of depressing feeling associated with sickness as we are not a traditional wig store! We custom make the wigs by using a mould of their heads and they stay on with suction…they are the most realistic and advanced wigs on the market. We have Alopecia too, so we love this job!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

People with Alopecia or long term hair loss in Hong Kong (mostly women).


Brochure design requirements
• Design work will include: Front and back design of a four panel brochure. (Totally 8 panels) Size will need to be 40cm wide by 21cm high, ie each panel is 10cm wide.

• File should be in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (preferable). And the final copy I will need a file in layers too as well as the PDF so I can make amendments later if needed (ie if we move office of something)

• Regarding templates – it’s better if you design from scratch, but I actually don’t mind if you use templates and then customize the details etc, but I don’t want to just have my text and photos whacked onto a generic boring template with nothing else done of course.

• The design would be good in colours like light blues or greens, whites or something else that brings “freedom” to mind. I was thinking maybe a background with sky with clouds might be good but feel free to come up with your own ideas – I’m open! Clean and fresh please!

• You can refer to my website, but I don’t necessarily need it to look the same as that. I also quite like the colours of our manufacturers site But hey, feel free to do what you think. I’m hoping for a look that is professional, but not too medical, more like a high class spa or salon kind of feeling.

• The final brochure will be in dual language, that is the English will have Chinese characters under it making the amount of text almost doubled. So I will need quite a lot of space for text and not huge photos on most pages (excluding panels 3 & 4 outside where I want a bigger photo)

• All designers must be willing to submit the draft design brochure now, but then the winner will also need to add in my text and photos AFTER the competion has ended without extra charge and do any reasonable redesign that comes with doing that plus any final tweaks/customized amendments etc. And the designer needs to agree to deliver the final print ready (to be specified) version within 7 days of being requested.

• You can either just use placeholders or try to get some text/photos from the website, but there seems to be a problem with getting that info off there (some of the text saved as images I think), but at least you will have an idea for the draft.
Side one – the outside (going left to right)
1. Panel one – mainly text plus 2-3 small photos – text from home page

2. Panel two (this is the back) – contact us details with map

3. Panel three (this is the cover) -Cover shot from homepage and logo and couple of text lines from website home page

4. Panel four –Bald shot in same place on page as the cover shot on panel two (same person, with and without hair) with couple lines of text (for photo)
Side two – the inside (going left to right)
1. Panel one, Panel two, Panel three – details of the wigs from page mainly text with a few small pics

2. Panel four mainly text with a few small pics also

Attached: draft brochure with a rough idea of what I had in mind, feel free to change to what you think looks good of course!

Thank you and can’t wait to see your designs!
Any questions just ask!

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