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Social enterprise in Asia that redefines road transport safety

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Chauffeur Safe – Now, Everyone’s Personal Chauffeur.


Chauffeur Safe is an hourly personal chauffeur with car service available at one affordable flat rate.
Chauffeur Safe embraces a model of social entrepreneurship which applies market-based strategies to building a triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial. We are a group of students from Harvard University who see an opportunity to implement this model of a social enterprise to further improve Malaysia’s road transportation industry.

Chauffeur Safe aspires to change the current rider experience in Kuala Lumpur by providing a consistently safe and reliable door-to-door car service. We are also Malaysia’s first road transportation service which fully integrates online reservations and cashless transactions by partnering with PayPal.
Chauffeur Safe aims to provide people with round-the-clock access to safe transportation. It is a door-to-door service to accommodate any individual’s or organization’s transportation needs, whether they are heading out for a night, running errands, going to work or school or needing a ride back home.
Chauffeur Safe encourages car sharing by allowing trip sharing and multiple pick up/drop off points without incurring any additional charges.
All our chauffeurs are recruited through a highly selective process, and are fluent English speakers. Each car is equipped with tracking technology to determine its location at all times.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Urban, tech savvy, middle to upper-middle income
Individuals who value safety and convenience and are willing to pay a premium.
2 target segments:

Expats because:
1) They are usually not familiar with the local roads and the local language so they would prefer a chauffeur who speaks English
3) They are often the victims of unscrupulous taxi drivers
4) They usually prefer not to buy a car because local cars are expensive

Parents with school children. Service that takes the kids to school. If four children share a car the costs equates to the school bus cost. The additional benefit is that this is a door to door service.

School buses are inconvenient because:
1) Children have to wake up much earlier than their class start time to catch the bus because the bus caters to many students in a particular vicinity
2) More remote housing neighborhoods cannot find school buses
3) Buses work on fixed schedules therefore students find it difficult to stay for extracurricular activities.

Marketing goals
The CS marketing strategy at this stage has three main goals:
1) Build awareness of the product within target groups – #1 priority.
2) Differentiate the product from competing offerings (primarily vs. personal cars; secondary vs. taxis)
3) Encourage to try the product – CS is an experience-based product, and consumers will need to try it before recognizing its value.


We will require 2 flyers for the 2 different targets (as listed above) segments
Format to be submitted: in Adobe illustrator, photo shop, and jpeg.
Color scheme: bright attractive colors consistent with chauffeur safe logo (attached below)
Both flyers should be 2 sided. 1 side should capture their attention and should include the image and The other side should describe the service (i.e. safe and reliable hourly chauffeur with car service, include our hotline no (1700-XXXXXXX), and some points on “why use our service”: 1 flat rate (i.e. no additional charges), GPS tracked cars, drivers trained in advanced defensive driving,
Size: A6, similar to Post card size
Each flyer should feature
Images are preferred.
We want a new catchy phrase. For example for the parents segment a phrase like “Drive kids myself or let them wait for the school bus? No more compromises.” Is an idea. Another example for expats segment “1) Struggling to get around in your adopted city? Or 2) Still lost in the maze of KL roads?” could be also an idea.
Do not include price of the service because we want to pique curiosity and have people check our website.

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