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Seminar for Dentists

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I have two post cards and a brochure that I have mailed out to dentists to attract them to come to a seminar that we deliver. I need them re-designed.

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New Patient Flow Seminar

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We have been in businessfor ten years. We are in a historic part of town in a lofty feeling typeoffice. We have worked with dentists successfully increasing their businessesto a point where they can start achieving their goals. Many dentists haveforgotten what their goals were when they first got into practice. Now they areslaves of their practices just trying to survive. I want to attract dentistswho have money to pay for our services, around $45,000.00 and who want to beatthis economy by surviving in abundance. The ideal client is someone who has hita plateau doing everything they know how and want help to get their place tothe next level. They need to be a fun group who is willing to do what it takesto achieve their goals. We have proven systems that work every time!  Our program takes about a year. I want tosend out the brochure out first, then a post card in one week and the 2ndpostcard in a week after that. The postcards and brochure that I have, havepulled in some pretty good clients, but it’s time to step it up a notch. I wantus to appear like a company that is expensive but effective.  We deliver in Colorado and California, mainly. For a copy of the three pieces to be emailed to you, including the logo and photo, please enter your email address at the bottom of this website page:


- Our logo to appear ineach item including address and phone number.
- The postcards and thebrochure are double sided.
- I want the brochure toinclude the information that it has, but be pleasing to read. 
- I want the pieces toattract and not be thrown away.
- For the post cards, I wanta catchy question that would make a successful dentist, that is looking forhelp because he has hit a plateau, to be attracted to it and CALL to registerfor the seminar.
- The date for the seminaris 25 April 2009.
- The price for the seminaris $349, first person, $79 each additional for early bird registration.  $389, first person, $99 each additional forthe regular registration fee.
- People in the past haveliked the photo, so I would like to keep it.
- The pieces shouldcommunicate to a dentist that doesn’t want to lose in this economy.
- In the past, thesuccessful color scheme has been a yellowish gold, a terra cotta and a sea foamygreen.  But, I am willing to take a lookat something else if it’s going to work. Maybe a light blue and chocolate brown scheme.  The trick is to make it look expensive andeffective.
- I am willing to attract the struggling dentist who CAN afford the product and will be enthusiastic about it.
- I want these 3 products to be editable in the future so we can edit the dates and re-mail, since we have 2-3 per month.
- I want to attract nice people - winners.
- I want us to be positioned as a company that can help them build a better company.
- We want a design that gets people to call and register.
- The brochure will be printed on both sides of a 8.5" X 11
- The post card will be on a 8.5" X 5.5"
- The early bird registration is any registration on or before 17 April 2009.

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- We don't want to look cheap
- We don't want it to look like a yellow page ad
- We don't want it to look cheesy

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