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Helix In-Car Video


I am a former scientist, who became interested in car racing, thus the company name Helix. In 2001 I started a company to provide in car video to a race school, Skip Barber Racing School. Which is the largest racing school in the country. It operates at tens of racing tracks in the country. In the past ten years, our company has expanded its capabilities to include racing photography.
This brochure is MOSTLY for Skip Barber Racing School customers. People who have already signed up for the school. We just want to explain our services, in a brochure that they will get when they sign up for the school, so that when they get to the track/school. They will have a good idea of what their options are.
However, we also provide some in-car video services for some HIGHER level racing groups. It turns out that it is not that lucrative to do this. But it provides a certain amount of prestige, to be associated with these higher level racing groups. So that is something we probably should include.
The reason we do our work is two fold. The first is so that people can capture their experience in either photos or video. But for many of our best customers, the in-car video is a learning tool. They watch the videos to see what they are doing right and wrong, and thereby improve their performance.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our audience are affluent. Racing is an expensive hobby or profession. They like adrenalin and competition, and love car racing. I would like the brochure to target the Skip Barber Racing School customer, but it would be great if it were easily modified, so that if we are doing a different program, we could modify a couple words and it would still work.
We are NOT really targeting a new market. We are trying to explain our services in a professional and exciting way to people who are already quite interested.

REQUIREMENT: One annoying thing. My company name is Helix In-Car Camera. But the Helix web site was taken. I thought that would be clear to people. It's Helix in the US. But that hasn't worked out. Some people think the company name is helixus. Which it isn't. So it would be great if any reference to the helix website somehow differentiated the US portion of the email and website so that it is different. Perhaps a different color or maybe just in caps? http://WWW.HelixUS.COM whatever.


I have attached a couple PDFs that are versions of MY effort, which is obviously lame. But it does explain what we do. The one titled HelixFlyer20101130 is the most recent.
We would like the brochure to be one page. It would be good if it could be printed but ALSO something that could be emailed so that the facebook video link could be activated by the customer.

The video cameras we use, use GPS to know where on the track they are located. That allows them to give speed and lap times. The cameras also have G force sensors. G forces are important to know how you are driving.

The brochure should have the company information, which is:
Helix In-Car Camera
223 Egremont Plain Rd PMB 604
N. Egremont MA 01252

Unfortunately, I do not have a good logo. Just junk that I have created. The logos that I will attach. I think I prefer the one labeled NEW. As it is like the Mercedes AMG logo. Which is quite simple.
I want a brochure that explains our services to our potential customers:
in-Car video, and photography are our two services.
We have a lot more photos from different tracks, that I will attach.

****I would like the brochure to target our Skip Barber Racing School customers. But also reference our work with higher level racing groups: Star Mazda Pro Series, and Grand Am Rolex Series.****

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