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Cell Again University Mall


I am an absentee owner of a used and new cell phone kiosk. I'm looking to inform the mall patrons of all of our services. Most of our business up to this point has been word of mouth. If I didn't own the store, I would walk past it and not have a clue what the store offered. Some of the biggest benefits are: We'll pay you cash for your old cell phone! We can repair and unlock or flash phones. If your phone breaks and your service provider tells you that a new phone will be $300 or you have to sign up for 2 more years, you can come to us and buy a used iPhone, Blackberry, or android phone for much less and wait until your contract is up. We also offer accessories--wall chargers, etc. for only $10!!! Our customer is typically someone on a tight budget--students, single parents, etc. Most of our customers are 30 and under. I want to portray a hip look that will stand out. The biggest obstacle is to be able to communicate all that we offer with limited space...without bombarding the customer with messages either.

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Again, I'm looking for people on a tight budget. The area is home to around 50,000 college students and several high schools. I would love to be the premier source for secondhand phones for this demographic in the area. I also want to increase the number of phones that I buy from customers--then I don't need to pay wholesalers for their phones. The secondhand phone market is fairly new--I didn't even know it existed until a year ago. We need to educate the customers on what we do and the fact that we guarantee our phones--something that people selling phones individually online don't do.


I am looking for up to 6 signs for the kiosk. As well as a leave behind that I can give customers after a sale. They should probably all have the same look and feel (no need to re-invent the wheel!) I'm trying to communicate the following:
--Sell us your old phone
--We sell used phones--why pay for a new one and add more years to your existing contract?
--We guarantee what we sell
--We repair phones
--We unlock & flash phones (let me know if you don't understand what that means)
--All Accessories are just $10

Specifically, I've got two big glass cases that can be backlit that would really pop if I had a see-through design. Then on both the front and back of the kiosk, I've got long glass cases that could have long banner ads that run the length of the cases but only go up half-way up the case. That way it can block some of the space that I use for storage that currently looks unsightly. I'm not looking for a new logo & you don't have to use the logo or the colors in the logo unless you feel like it works better for your design. It's a fairly conservative mall and I would have to get them to approve the designs before I put them up. I'm guessing the "cleaner" the designs the better--since I'm not afraid to say that my kiosk looks like a trailer trash magnet right now. I do have dimensions for all of the glass--I can provide that after approving the initial design direction. The files give a good look at the Kiosk & attached is sample artwork from other Cell Again franchises.

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