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Book Title: "The [Revised] Franchise Formula: A Guide for Franchising your Business in the New Economy"


I am a lawyer for entrepreneurs and, in particular, a lawyer that represents successful business owners looking to franchise their business and have multiple stores opened throughout the nation. The book is about taking your small but successful business and franchising, i.e., sort of like McDonalds and the many other brand name companies involved in various industries located throughout the country.

The book is about what it takes to start a franchise. It deals with the many legal issues and regulations that "new franchisors" will face and how to practically deal with this process.

My articles about franchising are located at (this site is being redesigned - please do not follow any design elements at this site)

My audience is comprised of successful, independent and highly energized entrepreneurs who have worked hard to create successful small and medium size companies (in all industries, i.e., childrens education, restaurants, repair services, etc...) and who are now looking to expand their business and their brand through franchising, i.e., create a system focused on established trademarks and operations and grant the right for other people (franchisees) to open their own location.

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The book is focused on empowering my audience with critical information that will allow them to (a) determine whether or not franchising is right for them (b) understand the legal issues involved and (c) allow them to take control of this process and expand their business

The current design specifications from the publisher (self-published) at present will be attached. This project requires:
(a) Design of both front cover;
(b) Design of back cover, including space, possibly for a photo and a summary of the book;
(c) The Cover, at some location should include my name: Charles N. Internicola, Esq., Franchise Lawyer
(d) The design will also be used for some print magazines and should also be in a high resolution format, in addition to the requirements for print;

(e) In terms of design, please note the following:

- My audience is comprised of highly energized entrepreneurs so the design should be cutting edge and equally energized;

- The audience is not lawyers so please, no boring legal type covers;

- The design should focus on the some key components raised in the title, i.e., "Revised" "Franchise Formula" and the "New Economy" basically I am laying out the building blocks for for how the small entreprenur can leverage himself or herself in this new economy and expand his or her business through franchising;


- Sort of looking for a David vs Goliath approach, i.e., my book is partly based on how the small successful business owner, equipped with the info in my book (and leveraging off of the new economy) can take on the

- Definitely like the "formula" concept. Just so you have a better understanding of what is involved in the"franchise formula" some components include: (a) an established trademark recognized by consumers (b) an established trademark that is registered with the uspto ( and is therefore may be legally protected (c) a successful business with a proven track record, (d) established systems for running your business, i.e., serving customers, delivering products, advertising, etc... and (e) compliance with the significant regulatory framework. In particular before you may offer or sell a franchise you must have a lawyer prepare disclosure documents that provide potential franchisees with information about what they are buying into. This regulation is both "Federal" and State.

- The design should not be based on actual photo images, should not look like a comic book but rather a whimsical approach involving the franchise formula, david v. goliath, empowering the new class of entrepreneurs and sort of lifting the veil from the old economy and leveraging the new economy where smaller is better.

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