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One Page Advertisement to Promote Website Selling Horses

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This is a competition to create a one page print advertisment to promote a new Swedish horse trading website;

The website offers free advertising for anyone looking to sell their horse. The advert needs to 123x204mm with a 3mm bleed and most importantly it needs to be ready by Tuesday 24th March!!

I am looking for creative suggestions for how to create an eye-catching advert promoting this new website.

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I am looking for creative ideas on how to make a one page print advertisment to be printed in a horse auction catalogue. The advert should promote the new website: which is a Swedish website offering sellers and buyers a FREE forum to sell and find Swedish trotting horses for sale.

The website has some unique functions making it a very attractive place to advertise your horse. For example, horses are presented on their own page detailing their pedigree with their parents, their grandparents etc. Please go to and click on a few horses and the links, pictures etc, to understand how the site works.

The site also has a unique Stallion catalogue listing most trotting stallions available in Sweden with great pictures and detailed descriptions for each stallion.

Here are some text blurbs in Swedish that should be used in different areas of the advert to present the website in the best way possible. Not all the blurbs needs to be used. I don't want the advert to be overloaded with text, but at the same time I want the to get across the message of what a great place this free website is if you want to sell your trotting horse.

Text 1:

Sälja Travhäst?
På lägger du enkelt och gratis in din annons och får ett unikt interface som skapar förutsättningar för en lyckad affär.

(This means approximately: Selling a trotting horse? At you can easily create your advertisment with our unique interface which is likely to result in a sale.)

Text 2: - Sveriges största Annonsplats för försäljning av Travhästar.

Vi erbjuder gratis annonsering med ett unikt interface.
(This mean approximately: - Swedens largest advertising place for the sale of trotting horses. We offer free advertising with our unique interface.)

Text 3:
Sälja eller köpa Travhäst?
På har du stora chanser att göra en lyckad affär. Alla annonsering är helt gratis.

(This means approximately: Selling or buying a trotter? At you have a big chans to make a succeful deal. All advertising is completely free.

Text 4:

Letar du Avelshingst?

Vår hingstkatalog hjälper dig med urval av hingst. Gör bokningsförfrågan direkt på

(This means approximately: Looking for a stallion? Our stallion catalogue helps you choose the right stallion. Make a booking directly at

Text 5:

Som säljare vill man presentera sin häst på bäst sätt. Vi vågar lova att din presentation blir unik . Intresserade köpare kan enkelt se alla tävlingsresultat samt stamtavla på din häst. Självklart är det gratis att annonsera på!

(This means approximately: As a seller you want to present your horse in the best possible way. Vi can promise that your presentation will be unique. Potential buyers kan easily all racing results and the pedigree of your horse. Of course it is free to advertise at!


- I want a print advertisment in the size 123mmx204mm with a 3mm bleed that is great looking and exciting and will convince people who has come to a horse auction to visit our website. 
- I want a fully ready advert that can be sent directly to the publishers of catalogue with maybe only some minor language and text changes.
- I want high quality pictures of horse and great looking graphics and fonts.
- I want something fresh, clever and exciting. Something that really shows people what this website is all about.

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