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One of Australia's largest organic Wine Brands Needs a Label

River Pines avait besoin d'un nouveau design de print ou packaging et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment River Pines a commencé son expérience design packaging ou imprimé


The label we are envisioning would have a River Pine tree growing up the side (so the base of the trunk would start at the bottom of the label) and then the branches would reach over top of the label and hang down. The tree would be outside the border of the label. We want the leaves of the tree to be gold embossed. We are also hoping to see a river flowing under the pine and below the actual label. We still want a fairly standard square writing space on the label. Price Point is around $15 US

Nom de la marque

River Pine Organic Wines

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We want a very eye catching label that is distictive which highlights the beautiful river pines growing on our property.

River Pines draws its name from thestately ancient pines growing along the banks of the picturesquecreek that meanders through the vineyard. Also known as she-oaks, orironwood, these towering Australian pines, which can grow to 40m (130ft), are actually flowering plants, and the needles are modifiedstems encircled with tiny golden growths that are actually flowers. We want these golden growths to appear on the label.

(pics at

RiverPines Organic Wines is a company that cares about you and your healthand well being. Our wines do not have the many trace pesticides andherbacides found in other wines, and they have a low level ofpreservatives. 

By bringing our wine to dinner or giving it asa gift you are showing your loved ones you care about their healthand the environment. You’re also bringing one of the world’s topaward winning wines.

Our target market is women, over 35 who like an urban feel to design.

 When using the image of the River Pines and the creek in the development ofthe logo please look carefully at the 'needles.' They are differentthan a north American pine and *****we don’t want the depiction onthe logo to be a North American pine.*****
To help you withdesign we have posted images of the vineyard and the River Pines at


- Looking for a front and back concept.... maybe the back can be a reflection of the front?
- Price Point is around $15 US
- We want the tree and possibly the river to appear around the actual label on preferably the left hand side, So the tree would be outside the labels borders.
- we want the gold embossing used on the label
- We want it to look sophisticated but artistically inspired... but still commercial. We are going after the mainstream wine market
- It has to stand out on the store shelves
- If you have a logo idea for our wine you can use it, but we will post the logo we decide on soon
- Please include our wine as being Organic from the Hunter Valley
- Make the wine a chardonnay 
- Use the line somewhere on there "Pure and Balanced as Nature Intended"
- Please note we are hoping for the tree and river to be outside the conventional label, though we are open to seeing it inside as well -- we want the tree and river to make the bottle itself really stand out

Ne veut pas

- Please don't use North American Pines in the picture, please look carefully at the pictures we have posted
- we don't want inaccurate depictions of the needles on this pine... we took close ups of them and posted them at to help

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