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Market Leading Oil Exploration Software Firm Entering New Market

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I am the VP of Marketing for SMT - Seismic Micro Technology. We have made software since 1984 and have the leadership position for selling to petroleum geophysicists. Because our software is used by the largest companies on earth and across the globe, we focus on showing our breadth and scale for any environment. We have 2700 customers in 97 nations.

Submission Detail: My email is I am looking for a print ad. It will ultimately be in many formats, but you can design the image in large format tabloid (11x17 inches).

Note that I have a designer on my team who can provide finishing touches. She works with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She can tailor this for bleeds in different insertions once I get the basic image from you.

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Oil & Gas companies buy our software - like Exxon, Shell or Saudi Aramco. But traditionally, it has been the geophysics department. The other key department in these firms are the geologists. We have had some tools for them, but they have not been as strong. But now, we are offering a huge array of new tools through some acquired technology.

So our new audience are geologists - who think that we are only valuable to their departmental neighbours, the geophysicists.

However, because we can now sell a single integrated solution for geophysics and geology, we have a huge competitive advantage. IF we can get the word out and be credible

Another point here is that our audience includes managers up to VPs, but they are all scientists. So they LOVE hard data. So we need to include some screenshots of the products and some tech specs. I can fill in the exact wording, but we need to leave some area for the wording. I will attach some relevant screenshots as well as our current print ad and our corporate preso.

For a feel for our solution go to Looks under products for Kingdom Advanced and Kingdom Geomodeling. The brochures available on those web pages will also give you a sense. And the short videos will show you how visually rich the product is.


I want a very STRONG, SIMPLE, CLEAN visual that tells the story that we now have the complete breadth of capability in Geology. All readers will know we are already complete for geophysics. So we could acknowledge that existing brand position and then layer our new geology capabilities on top.

An interesting theme here is to possibly play on our name - Seismic Micro Technology. "Seismic" is what geophysicists do - NOT geologists. Geologists analyze the rocks that are unearthed by drilling wells to determine if there may be oil and gas. Geophysicists run math formulas on seismic readings to speculate on whether an area is a good bet for oil and gas.

So, in a sense, our name alone immediately says we are only Geophysics - because it says Seismic. So we could play on that with something "Start calling us SMT because Seismic AND GEOLOGICAL Micro Technology takes too long to say". And we have, indeed, come to be known as SMT, so people would understand the joke.

In terms of technical detail, I need 3-4 points to be shown, all showing the geologic functionality we now offer.
1. Build Geomodels
2. Calculate Volumetrics
3. Evaluate Production Economics
4. (Optional for including) Conduct Petrophysical Analysis

So I am looking for a visual that connotes a large span of products with these specific capabilities, and screenshots for them embedded in the visual.

Feel free to ask questions

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