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Mission Safety (


Mission Safety has been an industrial safety company for over a decade. We recently began offering a large number of safety training courses.

Our safety courses are unique for 2 primary reasons. Every one of our rescue and safety personnel is a trained firefighter, paramedic, or water/rope rescuer. These same individuals are the ones teaching the courses, so if you take a fire extinguisher course, the individual training you is actually a trained firefighter. This adds a sense of authenticity to the courses.

Secondly, many safety courses these days tend to be boring and only focused on getting through the curriculum as quickly as possible with as many people as possible, to make as much money as possible. Our focus is on ensuring the courses are actually involved and exciting so that people learn the required skills and techniques needed to save lives.

Visit for more info on our company.

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Our target market is two fold. Primarily we are trying to target middle managers who make the decisions on where a industrial company gets its safety training from. These individuals may already have a company that they use, or simply tell new employees to find training on their own. Either way we want them to decide that Mission Safety is a better option, and contact us.

The secondary target market is an individual who may have just been hired at an industrial company, or who needs to retake courses that are outdated. The individuals themselves may be responsible for acquiring the training they need, but the majority of the time, the company they work for has some sort of a say in it


We have attached a pdf of a rough draft to provide an idea of what needs to be included. The image the ad contains can be implemented into your design, and if the winning design utilizes the image, we will provide you with a high res version to use. If you choose to create or use a different image that still conveys the message we intend, that is totally fine. We have attached a psd file of our logo which needs to be fairly prominent in the ad.
Other requirements:

1. Designed in full color but able to convert to b&w if needed

2. Design for a full page newspaper ad, and a 1/2 page ad (should be exact same ad, just size converted)

3. The ad needs to be focused on industrial safety training

4. Most safety courses are boring, so the emphasis is on Mission Safety providing a more exciting training experience

5. The ad is primarily going to be used in newspapers, so it needs to be funny, or immediately grab your attention. We have provided a headline that we like, but are open to suggestions

6. The headline and content provided are not set in stone, but they convey the general direction the ad needs to take

7. The ad should include
a) A headline
b) A image
c) A summary type paragraph that ties it all together
d) The contact information and logo for Mission Safety
We will comment on designs. Contact us through 99 designs with any questions

We are going to be placing the ad in a variety of different media's. So a well organized design file would be greatly appreciated. The first paper we use is Full Page w/full bleed 10" x 11".

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