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WMI Edition S.a.r.l. avait besoin d'un nouveau design de print ou packaging et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment WMI Edition S.a.r.l. a commencé son expérience design packaging ou imprimé


Our company produces, publishes and distributes books specialize in direct selling.
We will release a new catalog (in french) with approximately 500 articles (96 pages A4 paper format closed (“210 × 297 mm” or “8,3 × 11,7 in” with 0,15 in of margin) A3 paper format when the catalog is open). The articles are predominantly books, but we also have DVDs, CDs and others articles like mouse pads, etc.
It’s a printed catalog for an online bookstore.
I am requesting 1 designed page for "the basic pages of the catalog" to include "8 articles" which is titled "Standard"
I am requesting 1 designed page for "emphasizing one of the 8 articles" to include "an inset printing, flat tints" which is titled "article highlighted"
I am requesting 1 designed page for "2 articles" which is titled "Half-page"
I am requesting 1 designed page for "1 article" which is titled "full page"
We would like too 4 pictograms so that people can understand right away that the book is highlighted.
For all, you could take inspiration from the previous one:…eprise.pdf
But we don't want the same one, it would be different, dynamic, less "flat" and more modern.
The design format we want is indesign.
We are just looking for template and not the entire 96 pages catalog. We have an in-house designer

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

This catalog will include several categories, including: Communication, Couple / Family, Personal Development, Personal Effectiveness, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Leadership, Audio Book, Network Marketing, Motivation, Prosperity, Health & Nutrition & Wellness, Spirituality Achievement, Trends, Sale.
In summary, the main themes of the books are: The promotion of individual excellence, achieve their dreams and improving the lives (these themes have to be explained visually in the catalog).

The catalog will be made up of 96 pages with covers. There will be 4 kinds of pages:
-          The pages named "standard": 8 articles or books per page
-          The pages where one or more of the 8 articles could be emphasised by an inset printing, flat tints, etc.
-          Half-page: a page with 2 articles or books
-          The full pages: one article per page.

Each article should be made up of: book title, summary, size of the book, price, ISBN, author, number of pages, cover picture book.

An article is composed by book title, summary, size, price, ISBN, author, number of pages, cover picture book, like this:

John C. Maxwell (Author)
Parfois nous avons besoin de quelque chose pour nous secouer, afin de nous faire sortir de notre morne routine : une nouvelle pensée, une perspective différente sur un sujet familier ou un peu de sagesse de quelqu’un qui est passé par là avant nous. Les citations présentées dans ce livre ont été choisies afin de vous encourager à voir la vie sous un angle différent. Certaines d’entre elles contiennent un peu de piquant ou des tours inattendus pour attirer votre attention. Que vous soyez en quête d’une aide occasionnelle, ou d’un encouragement quotidien, ces simples pensées motivantes vous galvaniseront sur le chemin de la réussite. (Summary)
15 x 12 cm (Size) - 160 pages – xx euros (Price)
ISBN 2922405001
+ one picture of the book cover

But some book could have a longer summary, it’s that why we would like some halh-pages or full pages.

Depending on the book, a pictogram may be present. There are 4 kinds of pictogram:
-          “Existe aussi en audio” (which means “Also available in audio”), you can put an ear, headphones, a CD, all you want
-          “Coup de cœur” (which means “In heart”)
-          “Exclusif” (which means “Exclusive”)
-          “Meilleures ventes” (which means “Bestsellers”)

These pictograms have to emphasise some books in the catalog.

You can see one version of our old pictograms in the old catalogue :…eprise.pdf see page 13.

A sentence like a proverb will be present on every page (a different sentence per double-page spread).

Our request: we want a model of each kind of pages (standard, article highlighted, half-page, full page) and every pictograms.


- Dynamic Catalog

- Sensation of visiting our website, surfing the catalog

- Should reflect the corporate image, see on

- Stay in shades of website

- Keep the graphic charter of, draw on the site

- We have an old catalog which we judge too dull. But you can draw on the mood. See on:…eprise.pdf

Ne veut pas

- The impression will be made on recycled paper, pay attention to this point.
- We are an online bookstore so our printed catalog has to reflect this.

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