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Killer Full Page Ad for Real Estate Mag

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Nom de la marque

Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™)


REIN™ is a unique network of highly successful Canadians who have been taught how to build long-term wealth for themselves and their families through a proven method of investing in real estate.
The network is made up of
•Thousands of successful investors – our Members
•Their expert instructors
•Service providers (such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, and realtors)

REIN™’s primary purpose is to educate and support our Members so they achieve their financial goals. This education and support is provided through;
•An exclusive country-wide Membership program with many features and benefits
•An unbeatable line-up of action-oriented seminars, events and workshops.

Because we have a membership-based model, and are completely dependent on the success of our Members – we only succeed when you do! What sets us apart from other investment groups is that we do not sell real estate, nor do we bring you in to seminars to pitch the follow-up $40,000 mentoring course! Because we have chosen not to promote property or sell expensive mentoring programs, (unlike the others in our industry), we pass on the opportunity to earn large amounts of commission revenue. Instead, our business is focused completely on giving our Members the very best real estate investment support and education in the country – and helping them operate their own successful real estate businesses.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The print ad will be for a glossy tradeshow publication that will be put into the hands of the ~ 3000 Attendees. The Attendee profile will be primarily male (67%), middle to high income earners, interested in real estate, interested in purchasing property (some interested in primary residence, but also recreational property and investment property). Our specific focus at this tradeshow will be to attract the Attendees that are interested in investment property (forecast to be about 44% of the total Attendees). Our goal is to have the ad "speak" to those Attendees who are interested in real estate investing, and to let them know that REIN is at the Show to teach them about real estate investing and to help them overcome the hurdles they might be facing as they consider becoming active real estate investors. They are probably a little overwhelmed and scared by all the steps, legal stuff, financial stuff and renting stuff that they need to know and do, and so we want to offer them the comfort of knowing that we can help them how to handle all those concerns.


The goals of this ad will be;
1. To tell Attendees what REIN is
2. To tell Attendees that we have two top headline Speakers at the Show
3. To encourage Attendees to come to our Booth
4. To sell Guest Passes to our November 16 REIN meeting in Toronto

There will be two calls to action;
1. Come see Don Campbell and/or Russell Westcott Speaker Presentations
2. Come to the Booth and purchase your Guest Pass for Nov 16 meeting

REIN is successful because we are a credible organization. We provide top-notch eductaion and training seminars, and so we have great credibility with our customers. Our ad needs to reflect that credibility, so we need a creative design that:
1. Shows us to be a professional, credible educational organization
2. Is clean and crisp
3. Shows us to be confident in our ability to fully educate our Members
4. Incorporates our corporate colour scheme (found in our logo)
5. Has dimensions of 7½” x 10”
6. Is formatted as 300 dpi JPG or High-Res PDF

Please put trademark sign behind use of word "REIN™

For logo download, go to;…fault.aspx

I will attach files for:
Copy requirements
Head shots - Russell Westcott and Don Campbell

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