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Infosurv Concept Exchange (iCE) Marketing Brochure

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We need an attractive PDF format marketing brochure for a new service offering that we're launching. The content is already written, we just need a talented graphic designer to make it look good. The final brochure will be 3-4 pages long including a cover page, but just submit your design for the first content page to win.

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Infosurv Concept Exchange (iCE)

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The PDF brochure should have a consistent look-and-feel with the Infosurv Concept Exchange (iCE) website and logo, viewable at

It should look clean, professional, and innovative. iCE is a new service offering being launched by Infosurv (, an online survey company.


Below is the content for the first page of the brochure. If you can't fit it all that's fine, just fit whatever you can. **********************************************************- What is the Infosurv Concept Exchange (iCE)?iCE is a patent-pending prediction market sponsored by Infosurv, a leading online market research firm. This innovative, high-tech system presents a new and highly accurate way to predict the success of new products, packages, logos, advertisements, and anything else traditionally measured with monadic concept tests. - How does iCE work? iCE is an online market where respondents are given free virtual dollars to buy “shares” in the products, packages, logos, or advertisements that our clients wish to test. Just like in real world markets, share prices fluctuate based on the perceived market value of the underlying asset. By observing how share prices move over time, we can make very accurate predictions regarding the real world success of the concepts being tested. To learn more about the academic and commercial research backing the power of prediction markets like iCE, please read our white paper “Prediction Markets for Market Research.”- What are the advantages of iCE over traditional monadic concept tests?- • Cost savings – Because iCE can recruit respondents and win their engagement more easily than traditional market research panels, our research costs are much lower. We can also test far more concepts simultaneously on iCE than a traditional concept test, so the cost savings are especially dramatic on a per concept basis.- • Speed – The typical time required to design, field, and analyze a traditional concept test is 4-6 weeks. Turn-around time on iCE concept tests is much less – just 2 weeks from project kick-off to presentation of final results. iCE projects are completed more quickly due to ease of setup, respondent recruitment, and data analysis.- • Better respondent engagement – One of the chief concerns in the market research industry today is respondent engagement. Since surveys are often long and uninteresting, respondents have the tendency to rush through just to collect their incentive. Our respondents, on the other hand, view participating in our market as an entertaining game with both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Since respondents can win real world cash depending on the accuracy of their predictions, they have ample motivation to remain engaged in the process.- • No risk of misrepresented or “professional” survey takers – Other major concerns in the market research industry today are respondents who misrepresent themselves to qualify for a survey, and “professional” survey respondents who participate in lots of survey panels and have a disproportionate voice in samples. iCE avoids both of these issues. Since iCE respondents never have to qualify for a particular study based on demographic or behavioral criteria, they have no reason to misrepresent themselves. In addition, “professional” respondents are not a concern because if some iCE participants are disproportionately active in our markets, the validity of the market’s conclusions is only enhanced.- • Qualitative concept feedback – Our respondents are given a mechanism for explaining why they buy or sell shares in certain concepts, allowing clients to collect qualitative feedback which answer the question, “Why?” This feedback can be used to explain the behavior of the iCE market and help the client create more innovative and successful future concepts.

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