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Hang Tag Design For Stylish and Chic Fitness Bags

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Live Well 360


Live Well 360 is launching a line of fitness bags, for what the company has termed, the sophisticated fitness enthusiast. These bags will be very different from anything that is currently on the market, as they combine style and function. They are the anti-duffel bag.

Live Well 360 is also about more than fitness bags. The company understands that consumers who buy fitness apparel and accessories are buying more than a commodity. They are buying a product that gives them permission to honor themselves.

Health and fitness is very personal, it’s a commitment to oneself. For many people, it’s a total lifestyle change. And fitness products, particularly the fitness bag, which is a core part of any fitness routine, should help the person honor this commitment, making it fun and easy, and should emphasize the visceral feeling that health and fitness is a gift to oneself. Something they “get” to do, not have to do.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Live Well 360's target customer is the sophisticated fitness enthusiast, an individual that places a high priority on health, fitness and the feeling of satisfaction that a stylish and functional product offers them. The majority of these people are apt to be college-educated professionals that view themselves as successful and trend-savvy. The mix skews towards women and in general these individuals tend to be between the ages of 25 and 45. They are searching for fresh and exciting solutions that will make their fitness routine fun and easy, while also offering style and individuality.


Live Well 360 needs a hang tag designed that will be used on all styles of its new line of fitness bags. The hang tag should align with the sophisticated yet fun message that the company’s line of bags will offer.

Size: approximately 2” x 5”, cannot be longer than 5” or it will not hang correctly on the bag (too long).

Tag should have a grommet.

Color: We are leaning toward neutral colors (black, white, gray), so that it will go well with any bag color/design combo, however we are open to any fun ideas you may have.

Website: Our current website is however the color/look/feel will soon change to match this sophisticated/fun message, and your design may help determine the new look/feel.

Tag Front: Use Logo Text and Logo Swirl, be creative.

Tag Back: Include the following text (or something similar):

“Intersecting style and function for the sophisticated fitness enthusiast that lives inside you.”

Images of sample hang tags that we like are attached. We thought the idea of using the Liner Pattern as the shiny background detail might be cool. We will offer various color color combinations of the liner, so feel free to change the accent color and/or keep it neutral so that it can be used across the line.

Use of silver foil for text/logo might also be cool.

Deliverables: adobe illustrator or photoshop files and high res .jpgs.

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