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Greetings Cards for - 5 categories/ 5 prizes

tailcast avait besoin d'un nouveau design de print ou packaging et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

2gagnants ont été selectionné parmi 69 designs proposés par 15 designers freelance.

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Nom de la marque

Présentation is a new platform for both sellers and consumers of creative products. Artists/designers/illustrators/photographers etc. can turn their creative work into products - see for more details and start your tailcast career today.

This competition is for 5 categories of cards (see the requirements) with prizes for first in each category. BUT.....

We also invite ALL creative people to join the revolution in creative products and join Features on for sellers on tailcast's regular model (Call For Art programme):
- you retain copyright ownership of your content/designs
- you will earn a commission for every product that incorporates your designs
- your designs will feature in your portfolio on tailcast (use your name or create a brand, alone or with others via a collaboration)
tailcast provides the platform and tools for you to participate in the growing market for on demand and personalised products

e-commerce just launched !
Great news ! We have just launched our first products available to buy on tailcast. That means you are now able to earn from your creative content !
We now have a range of cards (greetings cards and post cards) and a great range of wall art.

See our video guides on

What will you create today ?

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Everyone who buys cards for any occasion/message/reason!

We think cards need to "break free" of traditional constraints where possible. Think innovative, fun or stylish, retro - in short up to you and your imagination !

Then consider the audiences (buyer and recipient) related to each of the following 5 categories (each with a $150 prize for the winner).

i) birthday - adult male (where adult doesn't mean it should be x-rated, but any design/humour should be targeted at an adult not child)

ii) birthday - adult female

iii) birthday - child (boy)

iv) birthday - child (girl)

v) Freestyle - a card design that could be used for a number of different purposes or for something specific that 'breaks the mould' - congratulations, thank you, invitation etc.
We think the best cards are ones that deliver a personalised/specific message from sender to recipient and that could be ANYTHING - so we also want designs that allow maximum flexibility and that actually permits more specific messages to an audience (maybe the kind the traditional publisher would never make a card for but people might still want to send!)

Each category will be judged independently but feel free to:
- enter all categories
- apply a design across all multiple categories if it works or enter completely different designs per category


1. Each design needs to work for all of our card dimensions – see - that may be a case of designing for the largest format that can be shrunk for the others or different designs for each size/dimension - it depends on your design. For an entry to be eligible for the competition, it needs to work on all dimensions of cards or different versions produced for coverage of all dimensions.
2. Any style/format is permitted - graphic, illustration, photograph, retro, modern etc.
3. All designs should allow customisation with images and text (what we call 'themes') - see (create themes). See also the video guides on for more examples. BUT don't feel you have to comply with what you see - we are looking for innovation and fresh approaches to card content/designs.
4. Designs should include ALL of the card (front, back, insides where applicable) - think of a greetings card as a 4 page book and use all of the pages !
5. For the competition winners, we will need the original files in photoshop (.psd) or illustrator (.ai). (For non-competition entries or non-winners who want to sell via tailcast on the standard model - see for details).

Please contact us on with any questions - citing 99Designs competition where applicable.

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