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Glossy Web 2.0 Image of Electric Guitar Required

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We are about to start building an online configurator for the KavanaghCustoms RT guitar (see What we require is a starting point: a beautiful glossy image in Photoshop of the guitar face-on.

As you will see, there is already a poor vector image of the guitar at the head of the page. Please don't use this for reference, instead refer to this image for inspiration:…xample.jpg

That's it! High-resolution images of the guitar can be found here:…mpetition/

and a (very poor quality) outline image of the guitar's exact dimensions can be seen here:…mplate.jpg

All entires will of course receive feedback and rating as long as the brief has been read!

**COMPETITION EXTENDED by popular request to allow extra time for designers. As an additional incentive we will now also be offering a second-place prize of $100 - we won't be using the runner up's image in the configurator but intend to use it as a desktop background for work computers so widescreen variations would be appreciated, although not required unless you become the second-place winner.

Nom de la marque


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The KavanaghCustoms RT is a solid-bodied gigging guitar.

What we require is a shiny and web 2.0 illustration of this guitar similar to this image:…xample.jpg

It should be a front perspective on a diagonal angle (with the neck towards the upper right corner of the image), and should be of the KavanaghCustoms RT guitar (see and…html#thert for images, and download high-resolution images from…mpetition/ and a dimensionally-correct template…mplate.jpg - although this image is of a very poor quality).

The image should also include a reflection on the 'floor' of the image (see the first link in this description for an example of this), and should be of the Candy Apple Red (it is metallic) version of the guitar although you are welcome to submit versions of both the red and black options if you feel it will support your entry.

We intend to use your work to develop an online configurator to allow visitors to design and order their custom guitar online so the final artwork must be provided as a well-strctured and easily-edited Photoshop or Illustrator file for easy modification by ourselves later on.

The image must accurately portray the guitar itself and include the headstock logo, but the image must be developed from scratch, not modified from the photographs available and must look similar to the example offered at the begining of this description.

Items which will be changeable in the final configurator will be the guitar colour, hardware colour (black as shown, or chrome or gold) pickup combination, and fingerboard material, please bear this in mind.

You are welcome to include user interface examples in your design if you wish (and this will greatly help wish us chosing the winner), although it is not essential.

The winning designer may yet be asked later on to provide further artwork to reflect the other options available (as additional jobs with similar pay to the prize money offered on this competition).


- A beautiful and glossy Web 2.0-type image of the RT guitar in Candy Apple Red (this is the metallic red guitar in the potographs in the links above) suitable for using as the basis of our online custom configurator.
- If you wish, also an example of your artwork modified to show the black version of the guitar although this is not essential.
- This should be no larger than 850px wide.
- Inclusion of how you forsee the user interface (menu system) for choosing different custom options on the guitar in the configuration system is a bonus but is not essential.
- Befitting with the rest of the KavanaghCustoms website.
- Ideally the guitar should be at an angle with the neck pointing upwads towarsd the top right corner of the image, with a reflection on the 'floor' of the image.

Ne veut pas

- "Photoshopped" versions of the photographs - this artwork must be created from scratch.
- Images of other guitars or variations in the design of the guitar: the guitar is already designed.

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