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Global Leader In Energy Software Enters New Segment

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SMT - Seismic Micro Technology


I am the VP of Marketing for SMT - Seismic Micro Technology. We have made software since 1984 and have the leadership position for selling to petroleum geophysicists. Because our software is used by the largest companies on earth and across the globe, we focus on showing our breadth and scale for any environment. We have 2700 customers in 97 nations.

Submission Detail: My email is I am looking for a print ad. It will ultimately be in many formats, but you can design the image in large format tabloid (11x17 inches).

Note that I have a designer on my team who can provide finishing touches. She works with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She can tailor this for bleeds in different insertions once I get the basic image from you.

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Oil & Gas companies buy our software - like Exxon, Shell or Saudi Aramco. The geophysics and geologists in these companies run our software, across the world.

The industry now has a brand new area for oil exploration called Unconventional Resources. These are shales where we have always known there is energy but was too expensive to extract. New technologies, including what SMT is introducing, now allow us to gather these resources cheaply, dramatically increasing global oil and gas reserves.

We want the oil industry to know that our solution is being used by 75% of the pioneers who are exploring in Unconventional Resource environments.

For a feel for our solution go to Looks on the front page or under products for Kingdom Advanced. The brochures available on those web pages will also give you a sense. And the short videos will show you how visually rich the product is.

Also, look at my previous project winners to get a feel for style


I want a very STRONG, SIMPLE, CLEAN visual that communicates our leadership in Unconventional Resources, why we have that position, and what new stuff we have coming in the area.

We are already very well known in the industry, so this is not brand introduction, or explaining what we offer, but rather, highlighting that in this new segment, we are already the leaders.

Headline text will be "The market leader for Unconventional Interpretation just got better...
Introducing KINGDOM Advanced - Microseismic Interpretation"

Then we need a "stamp" of some kind that says, "Used by 75% of US onshore companies"

Then we need to incorporate the screenshot of Microseismic that I have attached. Note that in that image, the Microseismic are represented by the bubbles.

Bottom Text: "See The Future Of Unconventional Exploration At

The background theme for this print ad could use some sort of faint bubble imagery. Or we could even combine the idea that this is a celebration of a new technology, so use a champagne bottle, whose "label" is the screenshot. It is being popped with "microseismic" bubbles coming out of it, and spewing oil?

To be clear, the focus should be on the screenshot, which should be pretty large. Our scientists care greatly about the screenshot, less about gimmicks.

Hi res shot available later.

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