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Full page advert layout design required for nursing adverts

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We have been designing our own adverts to advertise out nursing conferences. Each month we run full page adverts in two nursing magazines in Australia. We are looking for an eye catching design to show off our conferences and publications and encourage people to come to our website to purchase products and register for attendance.

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Ausmed Conferences

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Each month we run full page adverts in two nursing journals
that are read by nurses in Australia. 
The journals are the LAMP (which advertises in New South Wales only) and
the ANJ (which has a bias towards Victoria, South Australia, Perth and
Tasmania).  We require two layouts that
will print with bleed, the details for the page sizes are below for each
magazine.  The two different adverts
should have the same look and feel to maintain the branding of the company
across the readership.We want the adverts to show off our conferences to the
readers of the magazines in order to get them to go to our website or phone us
to register for the conferences.  We also
want to be able to include other information or products that we sell to
encourage cross sales.

Please have a browse of our website and our
conference registration website
for details of up and coming conferences that you can use as examples for
inclusion in your layouts.

We are interested in a design that can be used each month
with just the conferences or products being changed or rearranged. We will
either do this ourselves or use a local designer to put each months new content
in to your layout.

Please use our company colours of process yellow and process
cyan in your design.  We have used
process yellow in the past as it really stands out in the journals and no-one
else in the journals is using it.

You really have a free hand with how the advert will look
but it must incorporate our telephone number, website address - this is how we want most people to register so it is very important this is big and obvious.

We really need to showcase the conferences this is the most
important function of the advert. Most of our business comes from the
conferences and so these adverts should be used to tell people about what we
are offering in the coming months. For example if the advert is going in the
September issue it needs to include chosen conferences until the end of the
year. The only copy we really need is the conference date, location and
possibly name if it can't be read easily from a picture. We do like using our
conference brochure covers as they really seem to attract our audience to come
and register when they receive them via direct mailing.

You are welcome to use stock photos. But please also try and
use some of our conference brochure covers, we use stock photos for them as
well. The covers for the brochures are chosen very carefully to try and
communicate the conference in a single photo.

Dimension details:


LAMP –…mp2008.pdf

You can see two examples of the current adverts we use
online here:

Australia Nursing Journal advert -

LAMP advert -


Ausmed Publications:…e_Logo.jpg

Ausmed Conferences:…e_Logo.jpg

Vector Version:


- Professional looking designs.
- Layouts that standout and attract the eye.
- They should show case our conference brochures.
- The layouts to be in Adobe Illustrator format.

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Regular advert designs, we need to stand out.

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