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Flyer for Disco/Funk party

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I'm when the night has come and the moon is high, a deejay. I'm not mixing electro/minimal/progressive music. I'm doing this old way. Funk and disco. Actually, there is no way to mix this music. That's why 99,99% of Deejay are cuting the song and sending the next one. I have a different approach as i took time to edit each title to replace correctly the beat. It cost me 90 mins for one song so i let you calculate how many time it took... the goal was to be able to mix disco/funk music like electro. Something very special.

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BIG aNd slim

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

So, what i would like to reflect this on the flyer and to havesomething very trendy and smart. Far away from the primary picturereflected by Disco/Funk music. So, here we go with some generalinformations on it:* Size: 1783 x 2517
* Main color: blackWe will start bythe front part of the flyer. I made a .jpg to help you see what i'mlooking for. You can have a look at it here:….jpgPlease don't laugh... that's why you are here. Don't worry too. Toexplain it, i tried to give as much exemple as i can. Here we go:* Logo is the logo of BIG aNd slim. You will find the .psd of it here:…20slim.psd On the upper part, please use this picture of me:…itre-1.jpg. My brother tried an effect on it to do white to black fade. You will find the original file as .psd here: Please notice that my jean looks quite dirty. It would be nice to work on it to avoid this.

On this picture, i would like a mirror effect on it... like on theapple store and my logo on my website. You can take a look at it here:…eflect.png. It would be great some "waves on it". Goal is to have me smiling on the wave reflect... like a ghost you know.
* On this same picture, around me, you could try a Coldplay Viva la vida video effect. Take a look at it here:…ture-3.png
* There is two diagonal stripes on the .jpg. It's an effect on me where i'm cut. You can have a look at it here:…0Music.jpg Concerning the text... i don't have any clue on how we should put allthis together. It will be your job. Concerning the font, i'll help youon what i'm looking for. Exact text is: "Bamboonuts disco party at theclub" "17/02/09 @ Addict Club". - "Bamboonuts disco party" -> It would be nice to have a font like "Disco Queen" here:…0Queen.jpg For the "o" letter of Disco, it would nice to have it replaced by a disco ball.- "at the club" -> It would be nice to have a font like "c'est beau la petite bourgeoisie" on this flyer:…bitch.jpg- "17/02/09" -> It would be nice to have a font like "Samedi 22 Novembre" on…bitch.jpg- "Addict Club" ->It would be nice to use the .jpg for "Addict" on For club... i let you choose what would fit the best

Obviously, this is only my ideas. You can add/modify/delete whateveryou want. I'm quite open minded on this. You're the artist and i'mlooking for something over the moon ;))). Most important things is tobe trendy and smooth!!!
Please note that back of the flyer is not in the contest. I'll give all details of it to the winner. THERE IS A BACKSIDE TO BE DONE FOR THE WINNER!!!!


- Something trendy and sober

Ne veut pas

- Anything else

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