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Email Ad for revolutionary auto part website

PartPal avait besoin d'un nouveau design de print ou packaging et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 51 designs proposés par 10 designers freelance.

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It is now time for us to promote our revolutionary auto part website to vendors, manufacturers, and enthusiasts. The ad will be distributed via email, full color print, and our website.

Future work is available for the winner!

Nom de l'entreprise

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

PartPal will lead the industry by allowing automotive enthusiasts toeasily find and purchase parts and accessories from vendors, manufacturers andother enthusiasts around the world. We have developed a specialized searchengine that allows an individual or company to post their parts for sale andhave those parts listed under every vehicle that the part will fit. Thiscreates tremendous sale potential for the seller. The consumer will be able toquickly search for a part and have all possible matches appear - even if theoriginal seller was unaware of the part's cross reference!

This truly is revolutionary and we are looking to get that point acrossto the recipients of this ad.

The ad must conveythe major sections of the website to the reader.

PartPalprovides you with advanced and specialized search methods to ensure you findthe parts and accessories that you need.

Find-A-Part: PartPal's unique advanced search system! Enteras much or as little search criteria as you want! You can be as specific as usingone of the 15,000 categories under every vehicle model, or as general as thevehicle manufacturer. This option will show you the new, used, and aftermarketitems available for sale!

PartPal has thefastest part listing system!

Know the part number? Enter the part number, price, andproduct details and you are DONE! PartPal knows what vehicles and/or enginesthe part fits, the manufacturers’ part description and category information.

Don’t know the part number? Enter the vehicle or engine informationand product category. PartPal will then cross reference it’s database and listthe part under all of the vehicles that match the supplied information.

This provides the consumer withmany times the exposure of a standard classified or auction website

It is in a part manufacturers’best interest to ensure that their products and application data is on ourwebsite and up to date to avoid lost sales to competitors.

We also offer data entry, managementand conversion services to place manufacturers’ data into the industry standardat very competitive rates.

I encourage anyone submitting a design to hop onto our website to gaina better understanding of how it works. We just went live and are still workingout some small bugs, if you come across any please send us an email.

Use ‘’99Designs’’ as the Free listing promo code for anyone wishing totry the site.

Check out these examples of layouts we like and the general professionallook we are going for:…-/doc.html?…MAILACTION…re_us.html

Please submit any designs regardless of how you feel about them so thatwe can work toward a winning design together!


- Ad must be able tobe sent in the subject body of an email so try and keep around 600px wide.
- Our color as youcan see from our logo is green but we aren’t tied into any certain shades.

- Ad must include a “FreeListing” promo code ‘’ EADVIP’’
- We must be able toedit the ad – we use Adobe software

- If you are usingstock photos that you do NOT have the rights to please notify us when thedesign is submitted.
- Please leave roomaround the outside edges for a print bleed ie. don’t run text to the edges

- For peopledesigning in a graphics program such as Photoshop we will need the file in atleast 360dpi to allow for print.
- Needs to includethe following two logos:…logos.aspx…x?id=51033

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