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Dual PDF Brochure Design For Two Training Seminars In 2011

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Norfolk Corporate Support


We are a Corporate Registry Service. We have been in business for 15 years and our staff are very experienced and competent in what they do. We set up new companies, business names, trusts, superannuation funds. It is a specialist niche field and our clients are mainly Accounting Firms, Law Firms & Public Companies. We are different from the normal "shelf company providers" because we also provide training courses for Admin Staff who are involved in the compliance area for companies. We also provide onsite support staff to Accounting Firms on a regular or temporary basis. We are a small business but offer excellent, personal service tailored to our clients’ needs. We like to get to know our clients & what they want. Our training courses are well presented, easy to follow with some practical exercises designed for the staff who actually prepare the compliance forms. We provide a comprehensive training manual with copies of documents, real examples & training exercises.
Accounting Firms have trouble retaining staff in this particular field and often outsource this type of work or need to train new or inexperienced staff. There is a real need for the training courses we do. Our challenge is to produce an eye catching brochure using our colours & logo, and yet create something different. We are a small organisation, big on service, knowledge & experience in this specialised area.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Public Companies, Financial Planners, Auditors, Company Secretarial staff. We are targeting a specific market for new and existing clients. Our target audience are mainly professional people, graduates, admin staff, company secretaries. I guess they can be a bit dull & boring but what we do is important to what they do. It is very important to have trained staff looking after the compliance area for companies as failure to comply can have severe implications for company officers and the professionals who advise them.

In addition to the specialist crowd described above, we are specifically targeting "Business Owners" across all industries as the changes we are presenting in the first seminar affect ALL business owners, regardless of the work they do.


Our brochures are going to be PDF brochures so need to be optimised for emailing. The overall design needs to be "eye catching" but not overdone.

One page in the brochure will be an order / booking form which will be sent via fax by some people, so the background colour will need to be taken into consideration when designing - the darker the colour, the less detail will come through on the fax.

We (Norfolk Corporate Support) are running the seminars and will be having guest presenters during the Business Name seminar. As such, we have provided the logos that relate to each presenter (two).

The colours of the design will need to match our logo (provided) and not that of the guest presenters mentioned above.

There is a large amount of information / text to go in these brochures so space / length will be an issue, but there is room to be creative. Full briefs with the information are attached.

The brochures must be designed in "A4" size, to be printable in Australia. Given that the brochures will be mainly emailed and will not be printed and distributed, they may run over several pages.

We would quite like to see multiple images in the Business Name Seminar brochure depicting people working in various industries and also showing "change" if possible as this is the main point of the seminar / brochure.

Feedback will be provided as much as possible.

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