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Chip it don't tip it

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RFID Asset Management Services


RFID Asset Management Services (RFIDAMS) is a company developing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology in the area of equipment and asset maintenance. Our key words are Performance, Compliance and Integrity (which need to be incorporated in the design of all our material).

We have recently developed a new service titled “Chip it don’t tip it”.

The service provides a solution to building owners who are currently replacing fire doors for the simple reason of a compliance tag going missing.

Through the development of RFID technology we have designed and fire tested a RFID Tag which can be installed in fire doors and can negate the need for building owners to replace fire doors if the only issue is a simple compliance tag going missing.

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Building consultants (fire industry), developers, owners and managers.

The target audience is generally male dominated from 30 to 50 years of age with a high degree of education (at least a university degree).

Looking to target major commercial areas (capital cities and major regional areas) as these areas have the highest concentration of fire doors in the closest proximity.

This target industry is very conservative in its spending (focus on ROI) and adoption of new technology so there needs to be a major focus on the long term cost saving potential of the system if implemented and a major focus on the innovation of the service, the benefits of the technology and its design.


In summary our requirements are as follows;

Brochure for print
Size A4
Number of pages 1 page, both sides (tri fold)
Goal Introduce “chip it don’t tip it” service and drive sales
Outline of what we are looking for in your design. Clean and professional brochure which details the service we are providing and entices the reader to contact us for estimations/sales queries

I would be looking for the designer to source and provide stock images they feel appropriate for their design. The cost of stock images would be considered by us, additional to the final prize amount.

Outline of Brochure
A4 tri fold (i.e. 6 individual pages 1/3 of an A4 size per page)
The following outline provided as a guide only with variations to suit design anticipated. Suitable graphics based on textural content up to the designer. If you require graphics from our web site let me know and I will forward them to you.

Title Text: “Chip it don’t tip it”
Sub Text: “Are you replacing fire doors just because the compliance tag has gone missing?”

Page 1:
Title Text: “Introduction”
Sub Text: “Protect your fire doors from replacement, just because the compliance tag has gone missing all is not lost. Innovative new Australian designed Fire Door Tag with embedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) microchip.
If you get a report stating that tags are missing and new fire doors are required, just give us a call and we will attend site, confirm the identity of the fire doors (providing they have been previously identified and tagged with a RFIDAMS Door Tag) and arrange for new compliance tags. It’s as easy as that.
By providing a secondary means of positive identification we can eliminate the need to replace fire doors due to missing compliance tags.

Page 2:
Title Text: “What does it involve?”
Sub Text: “The service requires the audit of your existing fire doors, installation of a RFIDAMS Door Tag, the collection of compliance tag data and registering the fire doors on our central database.
If after this process you have fire doors which have lost their compliance tags simply let us know, we will confirm the details of the door and provide a replacement compliance tag.”

Page 3:
Title Text: “What does it cost?”
Sub Text: “To provide this protection for your fire doors our fee structure is detailed below;

Site Establishment Fee: One off cost per property
RFIDAMS Door Tag Supply: Cost per tag
Installation and Acquisition of Data: One off cost per tag
Entry of data to central database: One off cost per tag
Annual data storage cost: Annual cost per tag

To obtain a written quotation for your project or building send your details to and we will be happy to get back to you with a firm quotation based on your specific quantities.”

Page 4:
Title Text: “How do the costs stack up?”
Sub Text: “If we look at the cost for replacing a fire door being $800.00 plus, this service equates to less than 12% of the replacement cost of a fire door over an expected life of 20 years.

If you had a building with 50 fire doors installed, you would only have to save replacing 6 doors over the 20 years to have a 100% return on investment.

Chip it don’t tip it. Save on replacement costs, save on waste costs and get the maximum life out of your fire doors.”

Back Page:
Title Text: “Contact Details”
Sub Text: “RFIDAMS is a division of FSH

[FSH Logo]

Sydney Head Office
9/30 Perry Street, Matraville, NSW 2036
P: +61 2 9316 4444
F: +61 2 9666 3549

SE Asia Marketing Office
BLK 122 Jurong East 13, #02-39 Ivory Heights Singapore 600 122
P: +65 9338 8613
F: +65 6899 0966


Additional Information
To gain a better understanding of this new service follow the following links:

Chip it don’t tip it - Introduction:…t&catid=11

Compliance Tags – Why they are so important:…s&catid=11

Company Web Site:

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