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Checkers / Draughts game cover for app store

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An Indie Software Co


We have a checkers (draughts) game for the A m a z o n K i n d l e called "Checkers Deluxe" and we need a cover that will show prominently in the A m a z o n website store. Though nominally 800x800 and brightly colored, the same cover has to work as small as 120x120 in 16 greyscale. Its a challenge, but we know the fantastic designers here at 99designs can do it!

The winning design will instantly convey that this is a checkers (draughts) game with a bold catchy design and the word "Checkers" in large text across it and a smaller word "Deluxe". It must be playful and hip and modern and grab the eye amidst the many competing covers that will be displayed on the same screen. It must work similarly well in greyscale (the exact same image as only one can be submitted to the publisher) when viewed on the "E-Ink" screen of the device.

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Anyone in USA with a K i n d l e. These people are typically heavy readers and thus quite literate. It needs to feel polished and not amateurish.

The game Checkers Deluxe is both entertainment and a puzzle. Most people buying it will buy it as casual entertainment. However our application is also a high quality game that will suit serious checkers players, so the design should somehow capture both of those elements.

Note that Checkers is known as Draughts in most of the world apart from USA. Given the diverse population of the USA, many may not know the game by the name checkers, so the art should not rely on the word itself.


The project is to design a square 800x800 jpeg image that will be the electronic "cover" that appears in various places in the A m a z o n store, but most notably here:…2534114011 and on the device itself. You should look at those designs for some overall guidance.

The product is a game called "Checkers Deluxe". It plays the classic game of Checkers / Droughts as described at with many options and features including 2 player as well as computer play and several variations.

The art should capture the instant recognition that many people will have for this game. Elements such as the board, the simple round pieces, the doubled piece for the King might all be used to convey this.

The art often lacks accompanying text, so the word "Checkers" should appear very prominently, and the word "Deluxe" should appear also but can be much smaller.

The final art should be at 800x800 resolution jpeg in full color. BUT, this final piece is used in many sizes after mechanical conversion. These include: 140x140 color (most common size), 100x100 color, 300x300 color (the largest size actually displayed) and in 16 level greyscale at 160x160 and 85x85. We will be evaluating the designs for their readability and recognition at those sizes and without color.

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