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Change my Life! Vision Board Creation Project.

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Nom de l'entreprise

Kent Houston I’m a 39 year old environmental entrepreneur looking to have a break-out, runaway, record smashing year. I need you


Easy money for the right designer. I am a fun, energetic, and slightly ADHD, but reasonably successful, environmental entrepreneur that is launching his 3rd business by developing a sustainable garden product. I seek a balanced life and will use the Law of Attraction technique to visualize what & who I want to be to propel myself to live the balanced life I desire.

Successful – To have a personal & professionally successful lifestyle launching a socially and environmentally responsible business focused on urban agriculture.

Love – After a few years of single life I am open to finding love and a beautiful life partner.

Health – The foundation building block for a successful life I will attain this goal through a healthy diet, fitness, yoga, cycling, surfing, and skiing.

Family and friends – We can’t do it alone! Maintain and develop healthy relationships with family, friends, and community.

Goals – Public Speaking / Travel / Fitness / Professionalism / Surf / Ski/ Cycle/ Boating

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Who I want to be....?

Most vision boards are collages, but I’m leaning towards using several independent images printed on canvas that I can hang on 3 of the walls of my bedroom.
I envision these images to be direct reflections of the subject (Boat = picture of boat), or to communicate the essence of the subject (Boat = picture of boat wake trail) you can use your own creativity.
There are 8 subjects that will communicate what my ideal life will look like, which is kind of difficult to do without feeling materialistic, but ya know…. I guess I kinda am???

Here are some of my likes;
Magazines: Dwell, Fast Company, Wired, Playboy
Blogs: the hipster porn, since 78 brian gossett, yimmys yayo
Movies: Fast times at Ridgemont High, Scarface, Bronx Tale, Caddy Shack
Books: Shadow of the wind, Atlas Shrugged, The Four Agreements
Music: Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz, Curtis Mayfield, Dr Dre, JJ Cale, and the Stones are better than the Beatles, but nobody beats Led Zepplin
Designers; Bruce Mau, Tom Ford, Arthur Erickson


You can pitch a collage or a series of 8 - 11 x 14 (open to suggestions) printed on canvas images that reflect the subjects below. Or you can pitch both a collage and the 8 posters

1. Public Speaking Image – could be Jamie Oliver giving a Ted Talk…
2. Beach Surf Scene – This one’s pretty easy…
3. Boating – I love the San Juan 48, but my buddy has one, and I don’t want to be a copy cat
4. Shredded 6 pack. I know… Vain, but I want to maintain a healthy physique. Think Men’s Health before Muscle and Fitness.
5. A Beautiful Professional Woman – Chessy again, but I want a wife, and I’d love it if she had a job, and a great ass!
6. Skiing some Fresh Pow! I like open powder field ace shots. If you have to ask…
7. Cycling – A great low impact way to stay fit, and get around. I have 3 bikes! Road, Mountain, and BMX, but it’s the road riding I should focus on this year.
8. Ocean Front Cabin – I live in the Pacific North West (Vancouver specifically) and would love to have a dock for my boat with a rustic cabin set up on a picturesque rock.

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