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Catalog Cover Design for Eyewear Company

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Design needed for four vertical 8.5 x 11 inch pages: 1) front cover 2) back cover 3) inside front cover, and 4) inside back cover.

To save time, you can design the front cover first. If we like your front cover design, we will then ask to you submit designs for the other 3 pages.

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:
Unisex, bright colors that stand out. The basic colors should be different from the 2007 catalog color.

Desired Style:
Classy, Trendy, Attractive, Eyecatching, High Fashion, Appeals to both Men & Women

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

Company: We are a  wholesale company selling high quality, fashionable eyewear products. We have eyewear products for everyone: sports for men, fashionable styles for women, readers for elders, and even kid sunglasses. We would like our catalog cover to reflect our quality and fashion. 

For reference, you can take a look at our 2006 and 2007 catalog designs.  However, we would like the general layout and colors to be different from 2006 and 2007 designs. 

2006 front cover:…tcover.jpg

2006 inside front:…efront.jpg

2006 inside back:…deback.jpg

2006 back cover:…kcover.jpg

2007 front cover:…tcover.jpg

2007 inside front:…efront.jpg

2007 inside back:…deback.jpg

2007 back cover:…kcover.jpg

Design needed for four vertical 8.5 x 11 pages: 1) front cover 2) back cover 3) inside front cover, and 4) inside back cover. 

To save time, you can choose to design the front cover first. If we like your front cover design, we will then ask to you submit designs for the other 3 pages.  Please take your time and focus on the front cover page first because that is the most important page on the entire catalog. 

Here is all the content needed for the 4 pages:

1) Front Cover:

a) "VISION GUARD EYEWEAR" in large font                        

b) "2008 Eyewear Collection".  "2008" should be in large font.  "Eyewear Collection" can be in small to medium size font.                       

c) "Fairy World Inc" in small to medium font.                        

d) company logo which can be found at:…nwhite.jpg

e) 1 or a few sunglass picture/design/icon(s) . You can either draw your own sungass(es) or if you would like real sunglass pictures to work with, you can download some sunglass pictures from the following links and edit from there:…L7712G.jpg…7842TM.jpg…1414SD.jpg…7401TM.jpg…C7635M.jpg…H8974R.jpg…9988R.jpgÂ

The sunglass design(s) can be abstract and doesn't have to be an entire sunglass. As long as a customer will know this catalog is for eyewear/sunglass products when they see the design.  

2) Inside Front Cover:

                            Table of Contents                 


Street Trends -----------------------------------------------------------------3

Fashion Trends ------------------------------------------------------------- 7

Rhinestone ------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

GC / XV Eyewear ------------------------------------------------------- 10

Hot Fashion Metal ----------------------------------------------------- 11

Spring Temple Metal ------------------------------------------------ 18

Metal ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21

Polarized ------------------------------------------------------------------- 22

Glass Lens ----------------------------------------------------------------- 26

Revo ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28

Driving ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 30

Plastic ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 32

Eva Sponged Cushion, Goggles ------------------------------ 44

Cover Over, Safety Glasses -------------------------------------- 45

Kiddie ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 46

Clip Ons ------------------------------------------------------------------- 48

Reading Glasses ------------------------------------------------------ 50

Cases ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 53

Eyewear Accessories ------------------------------------------------ 56

3) Inside Back Cover : 2 parts: a) Style # Code and b) Company Policy. Can be small size font to fit on page. 

                                       Style # Code

Here is how to read our style number:

In general, the letters before the # indicates type of frame and letters after the # indicates type of lens. 

ST         1234          DR

↑         ↑         ↑

Frame  Style #   Lens


AST  --- Spring Temple 

BK    --- All Black Frames

DST  --- Spring Temple

K      ---  Kids 

RH    --- Rhinestone

SHR  --- Spring Temple / Half Frame

ST     --- Spring Temple

STR  --- Spring Temple / Rimless Frame

TT     --- Two Tone Frame


AFM   ---  Anti-fog Mirror Lens

CL        ---  Clear 

DR        ---  Driving 

G          ---  Glass 

HPL     ---  Heavy Gauge 1.1mm Polarized

M         ---  Lightly Coated Mirror 

ND       ---  Night Driving

PCM    ---  Polycarbonate Lens with Mirror

PL        ---  Polarized 

R          ---  Reading Glasses

RV       ---  Revo  

SD       ---  Super Dark 

SM      ---  Super Dark & Mirror Lens Mixed

TM      ---  Two Tone Lens

WM     ---  Heavy Coated Mirror


                      Company Policy 

Sunglass Packaging:  All sunglasses are assorted frame colors per dozen unless stated otherwise.  One carton typically holds 25 dozen.   

Payment Method:  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and COD Money Order.     

Shipping Method:  All orders will be shipped via UPS Ground (United Parcel Service) unless otherwise requested.  Certain special and/or international orders may qualify to be sent via United States Postal Service, Federal Express, or other common carriers.   

Return Policy:  All claims for defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise must be filed within 10 business days upon receipt. You must contact us and obtain a return authorization number to return the merchandise. Upon approval, please ship back the merchandise with the return authorization number. Returns are only accepted in original condition, packaging, assortment, in full dozens, and with the return authorization number.  Customer is responsible for all shipping costs for returns.  We reserve the right to charge a 5% restocking fee for any items returned, unless merchandise is determined defective or incorrectly shipped.  Please note industry standards allow a 5% defect ratio on all sunglasses.  Discontinued items and any returns filed after 10 business days are subject to be credited for 50% of the purchase price only.  No returns allowed after 45 days upon receipt.              

 ~ We appreciate your cooperation in following our company policy ~ 

4) Back Cover : Can be medium size font.  We would like our company information to be in a font that is clear and legible. 

Fairy World Inc. 

720 Stimson Ave.

City of Industry, CA 91745

Tel: (626) 934-9819

Fax: (626) 934-9619

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