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Brochure for University Bookstore

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The Zag Shop is the bookstore catering to the students and publics need for textbooks and Gonzaga merchandise.
Although there are many sources for textbooks, the Zag Shop is the easiest place to shop. You may find it convenient to purchase your books online through our website and have them shipped to your campus mailbox, but there are advantages of shopping in the store. Gonzaga students who shop in our store (starting August 1, 2010) may charge their books and other store items to a Zag Account and pay for them up to ninety days later. Please show your student identification and ask a cashier for details.

There are other advantages of purchasing your books from the Zag Shop. If you purchase the wrong book, need to change classes, or have to drop a class for some reason, there’s no need to worry. If you have saved your receipt and the books are in saleable condition, you can receive a full refund during the open refund period.

After the Add/Drop period is over, refunds are issued up to three business days following the purchase date listed on your receipt.

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All current GU students with valid student ID.
• As a student, we realize that you now have more options than ever before for buying textbooks and course materials. We also believe that the Zag Shop is the best possible shopping choice for you, because it provides the following benefits:
• In-store student credit for your book and merchandise purchases! Your Zag Account will allow you make all your purchases using your student ID and giving you up to 90 days to pay off your account, interest free!
• Knowledgeable staffs that are familiar with the campus, know your faculty, and have worked in cooperation with them to acquire the appropriate materials.
• A staff willing to go beyond normal customer service duties in assisting students and parents in the transition to college life.
• Student-friendly return policies in case a student drops a class or has a schedule change.
• We strive to provide a large inventory of used books to better insure competitive prices
If you choose to use other textbook sources, be careful to purchase the correct edition. Since new editions usually represent a 20% or greater change in content over the previous, older editions may not be acceptable. Likewise, some textbooks are sold as brief or incomplete editions. Many online textbook sources will not allow returns should you accidentally buy the wrong book or find yourself needing to drop a class.


Advertise our new Zag Account.
We want student to make their textbook purcahses in store and while there get their essentail supplies and apparel. Our goal is to drive our customers into the store and discourage placing orders on our website.
Our logo must be included and our school colors must be used. please see attachment.
fit into an 4 1/4 x 9 1/2 inch envelope.
Gonzaga students who shop in our store (starting August 1, 2010) may charge their books and other store items to a Zag Account and pay for them up to ninety days later. The following terms and conditions apply to your account at the ZAG SHOP:

Charges can be made to this account through the Add/Drop Period which ends on September 10th, 2010.

Currently enrolled Gonzaga Students with valid student identification may use a Zag Account to charge any Zag Shop item, interest free, and pay for it 90 days later or by October 28th, whichever occurs first.

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