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Emerald Coast Body Sculpting


We are a small company in Pensacola, Florida specializing in improving your health and beauty using decompression therapy. We are one of only about 100 companies in the USA and the only one in Northwest Florida to use this technique. I encourage you to go to both our website and the machine designers website to learn about the technique.
Decompression therapy brings the ancient therapy of cupping to the computer age. I will not spend a lot of time here describing the technique the websites will help you there, but it reduces the atmospheric pressure over the area being treated in a rhythmical fashion filling the area with nutrient rich blood and lymphatic fluid. This sets the stage for rejuvenation of the skin and removal of fat deposits and toxins under the skin.
Attached you will find a compilation of text and notes about the project as well as our logo and some pictures.
We were thinking along the line of "What is your mirror telling you?". The text portion is a PDF of a brochure I had written.
We are not married to any of this and are open to any ideas you may have.
This brochure will be displayed in beauty salons, doctor offices, gyms, nail salons and anywhere women gather. Thus it MUST be very professional with a clean attractive look. The cover should create intrigue about our business and entice one to read the contents.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

As stated earlier we are unique to this area. We have 4 or 5 companies that do LipoLaser and a couple of day spas that do massage and similar therapy. We need to differentiate ourselves from them.
Our services cost from $700 to $1800 and require 3 visits a week over a 6 to 8 week period. Thus our typical client is female from 25 to 65 years old with an income over $65,000 annually generally professional who is concerned both about her looks and health.
Another target audience for us are people who have the sagging skin after weight loss. This is an excellent method to avoid the plastic surgery usually required after dramatic weight loss. We have 2 bariatric surgery centers here and will be marketing to their clients.


Be as creative as you like. The attached files are our stab at creating our own brochure. We are not designers or marketers. However, they will give you an idea of how we look at our business.

We are NOT massage therapists. The developers have primarily marketed the machine to massage therapists and their website is heavily slanted to this audience. There is no requirement to be a massage therapist to do what we do. We need to de-emphasize the "massage" part of the machine. While it is useful for many massage and medical uses we strictly use it for aesthetic purposes.

This will be a 2 fold (6 column) or if needed a 3 fold (8 column) brochure. As a small business on a shoestring budget I would prefer the 2 fold to save on printing costs but I am more interested in having a professionally done brochure that accurately describes what we do.

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