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Foodie Registry ( is an online wedding registry for upscale restaurant gift certificates. It works just like a wedding registry at say Macy's for housewares, but instead of towels and toasters couples register for restaurant gift certificates or, as we like to say, date nights! Registering for actual restaurant dining experiences is something wedding couples have never been able to do before. Sounds simple, but people don't want housewares as much for wedding gifts these days, yet their alternative options are quite limited until now and cash is still a taboo gift for many. We try to focus on the idea of registering for date nights - that being able to request and receive a fun and romantic night out together as newlyweds is more special and meaningful than a kitchen appliance or cash. Our site was designed with a lot of dark colors to evoke the feeling of a sexy night out on the town, and we'd probably like to keep similar branding in an ad, or at the very least avoid too much white, which is sometimes the default with wedding stuff. We position ourselves as a chic, luxury service used by modern, stylish brides in-the-know, and want our ad to reinforce that.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

This quarter page ad will print in both Chicago Social Brides magazine as well as San Francisco Brides magazine, and the target is sophisticated engaged women in those cities between the ages of 25-40. We never want to appear snooty or exclusive, just hip, trendy, fun, and upscale. Please note the Foodie Registry bride tends to be urban, professional, well educated, and slightly older than, say, a rural small town bride. These women will, we assume, not know anything about Foodie Registry so this ad is intended to get their attention, explain in the simplest terms what we are, and get them to go to our website to learn more. We ran an ad previously in Chicago that, while clever, I think may not have made sense to people who have never heard of us or don't quite get the concept off the bat (attached for your reference). Hence I want to keep it simple and make sure above all else that if they look at our ad they will understand our service. Also please remember this same ad will run in two markets so unless you want to deliver 2 ads for the price of one :) make sure the ad is non-geography specific.


I included some of what might be considered a requirement in terms of tone, etc., above, but what I can add here is that this will be a quarter page ad ran in two markets. A number of helpful attachments are below:
1) The spec sheet for size and file type reqs. Please make sure to read this.
2) The half-page ad we ran previously that was good but I thought too clever and maybe not obvious enough to people who didn't know of our service, for reference only
3) Our logo in a couple different file types
4) Various stock photos we own rights to that can be (but do not have to be) used in this ad. Please note if you want to find another stock photo for use in your ad proposal we would be willing to consider spending up to $50 on a photo if you felt it truly was the best. Please just make the proposal with a watermarked image and indicate price of the image and from what site.

Please note if your ad is selected I will mail you copies of both magazines so you can have a copy of your published work for your portfolio. Please feel free to be creative and if you want to pull elements of our website for the ad feel free. Note I am not specifying the ad copy, that is part of this project, looking for creative ad copy as well as design, but just remember we only have 1/4 page. Thanks!

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