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Album cover for music library of electric guitar sounds

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This cover design will be used for a box and DVD cover for an electric guitar music sample library. The cover must be eye-catching, classy, creative, and communicate electric guitar in some universal way. The product will have rock guitar on it, but also jazz, hollow body, etc. so make sure it's not too rock'n'roll.

7 in wide x 11.5 in tall, can use stock photography. The name of the product is "Electri6ity". See the full brief for a lot more detail and ideas.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: With 2 days to go, we have some great entries - thank you all! And we're still interested in seeing more. We have painstakingly commented on every single design, so we encourage anyone else who is working on designs/revisions to read the comments, especially of our 4- and 5-star ratings, to see the things we like and don't like.

Nom de la marque

Vir2 Instruments

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The title of this product is "Electri6ity". If you would like to be creative with the "6" that would be cool (being that there are 6 strings on an electric guitar).

We have a previous product of bass guitar called BASiS. One idea we've had is to use the general graphic idea of the BASiS cover (which was a realistically rendered 3D model of a bass guitar), but now substitute different colors and an electric guitar. This approach is OPTIONAL -- we'd be interested in seeing designs like this, but are equally open to entirely new designs.

You can get a good idea of what we're looking for if you take a look at other covers in our series and of other products like ours. You don't have to emulate them, but they'll give you an idea of what this design will be sitting next to on a store shelf:…medium.jpg

We looked around the web for some creative "electric" guitar ideas and found these, some of which we like various aspects of. Consider these inspiration, but not necessarily to be copied:…deas/7.jpg

Also, look around to get an idea of the general graphic style.

We do not have a particular color scheme or look in mind. In fact, we like that each product in our line contrasts with each other.

Things we'll be looking for in the design are: some representation of an electric guitar and/or amp. This may require the use of stock photography; if you choose to use stock photography, use the preview image from the stock photography site to do the mockup (the watermark is OK for now -- we'll overlook it), and if your design gets chosen, we will pay for the stock photo to be purchased at full-res and then have you substitute the real version in the design after the conclusion of this contest.

Titling is really important. The title should be stylistically connected to the rest of the design. With this product, finding a cool way to represent the 6 in Electri6ity would be cool.

The Vir2 logo should appear in one corner of the design (any corner). You can get a screen-res version here (…ir2_sm.jpg) and we will provide a full-res version after the conclusion of the contest.

We are offering $300 for this design. This is understood to include the design itself plus reasonable minor modifications which we may ask for after the conclusion of the contest. The $300 does not include stock photography, which we will purchase separately from your $300 fee. Please be economical in your usage of stock photography; we won't spend several hundred dollars just to acquire a photo.

The design can be created using any graphics program(s) you like, but we would like final delivery in PSD or PNG format, layered, at 300dpi. Dimensions are 7 in wide x 11.5 in tall. (Mockups and interim versions, especially using lower-res stock photography previews, can be smaller and at screen resolution, but keep the same proportion.) Again, don't worry about any watermarks (if any appear in stock photography you use). We will overlook them. We prefer flat renderings, not 3D mock-ups of how the box will look. (While the 3D mock-ups are nice, it makes it harder to compare one design to the next.)

The final design will be printed on a box cover as well as a DVD cover (which is a similar proportion), and elements of the design will be used elsewhere in the product and in marketing materials.

Thanks for reading all this and for considering participation! We are big fans of the 99designs community (as you can see by glancing at our many previous successful contests) and love being able to sit back and enjoy the creativity of the many artists who work here. Please feel free to post any questions on the main page of this contest and we will get back to you within a day.


- Eye-catching, clean, elegant, expensive-looking design.
- We generally like Apple and Web 2.0-style graphic design. Gradients, fades, lighting are great when done well.
- Some representation of an electric guitar and/or amp, either by photo or illustration.
- Clear and stylistic titling of ELECTRI6ITY.

Ne veut pas

- No particular things to avoid other than the obvious things: cheesy designs, cartoons...

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