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VEHICLE WRAP DESIGN for Helicopter Company

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Rotorvation Helicopters


1 month ago, we held a competition for a new logo on 99 designs - we were so impressed with the talent of each designer - we are back again to ask for your creative flair once again to shine!

We require a full vehicle wrap for our Toyota Hilux SR5 Dual Cab Utility (photos attached for you to use). We are after something that really stops traffic (not literally - as that could be quite dangerous!) We want our vehicle to stand out, be seen from a distance and for people to have a smile on their face when they see it because it just looks amazing.

The car is a vibrant blue colour (same as photo colour), so use that as your backdrop of the sky, with a helicopter flying down the sides of the vehicle or change the wrap colour completely and go with a modern graphic image - choice is yours!

We are after an image that sells itself, makes people instantly want to fly in a helicopter, the image/s to scream "faced paced action and adventure"! The entire design to have a seamless blend of images and text, making the vehicle completely covered but very clearly advertising what we do and what we are about.

We really like the look of when a vehicle wrap makes the vehicle no longer look like a vehicle, when very clever graphics help morph the vehicle into the actual image object.

Can't wait to see the brilliant designs! We will give you feedback along the way to help perfect designs.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The vehicle drives around alot, and when not being driven it is parked outside our operational premises. Marketing & Advertising the business is the main objective. We need this to stand out, be different and something totally amazing!

It has to look exciting and eyecatching. The design has to really make people stop and look, be quirky or different, but very easily showcase a helicopter company.

We are a helicopter flight training, charter operations & tourism company. So we have 3 very diverse areas of daily operations. Everything we do is action packed, helicopters are fun & exciting!

Our target audience is the general public - you never know who is in the vehicle next to you on the freeway, or parked next to you whilst at the shop. This design has to cover an interest for all demographics, whether they like helicopters or not - it just has to be something that stands out and people remember a helicopter on a vehicle and who the company was.


Full vehicle body wrap required. Both sides, rear & front, plus hard top canopy on tray (can be top of cab as well)

Image/s on Hard Top Canopy on tray of Ute must be seperate to main body of Vehicle, as sometimes canopy is removed from Ute. Design has to still be complete when canopy not in place.

Use many photos blended together, or just one great image - we will look at all designs, but will offer feedback early to perfect designs.

Text to be displayed:
Company Logo "attached"
Tel: (08) 9414 8584
Flight Training, Charter, Scenic Flights
Your Total Aerial Solution

We would prefer to start seeing your designs first, but if you do require photos to use of some of our aircraft, please send a private message and we will be able to forward those through.

Helicopters which we use in our fleet are:
R22, R44, Jetranger B206 & Squirell AS350
Please only use these helicopters, other types will not be accepted.

No cartoon like images or cartoon text either.

Please keep with our company colours in our logo. If requested, I can Private Message the PMS colours. We have 2 logos that can be used, one with black background or one with clear/white background either is fine for design purposes (both are attached).

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your designs! Be Creative!!!

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