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Update logo for musical instruments retail store

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Macron Music


We have been running Macron Music for approx. 20 years.
There are 2 branches the main store on 350m2 at Erina NSW and and 150m2 at Westfield Shopping Centre, Tuggerah.
We are moving our Erina store to a much larger store nearby with the addition of a music school..
We would like to open our new store with a real great new logo .
We will have a very important feature next to the main road:
A 12 foot high guitar - on a pole with your logo incorporated - see attachment

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our customers come from a wide range of tastes, attitudes and preferences, which makes your job, Mr. Designer a little harder.
I will describe now the typical customer coming into our shop
1) The normal guy-from-next-door looking musician
2) Cool Rock guitarist with wild fancy hair, tatoo and nose ring.
3) Piano/violin teachers,
4) The rare visitor who is looking for a piano for the daughter (never been in a music shop)
5) Rare breed of senior citizens looking for a home organ or some Big Note Music.

We supply of musical equipment from Heavy Metal Rock'n Roll gear to Classical orchestral equipment. Pianos, Keyboards and organs.
Large range of Sheet music.
Teaching all musical instruments ranging from pre school age old to senior citizens ( very wide ranging styles and taste of music )
Facilitating formation of musical groups from rock bands to String Quartets or Big Band, so to keep all musicians involved in music making.
Facilitating of performances in our auditorium and other locations
Servicing of all instruments and equipment.

So as you can see the style of the logo has to be modern but can't be in an outrageous R&R, Heavy Metal style, even though R&R gear is 70% of our business.

So it has to be fairly corporate, maybe with a little Heavy Metal touch to it.

Simplicity and legibility is important.


We require a new logo for our music store: "Macron Music"
We are running a music shop, that is the market leader in our area of 300,000 people 50km north of Sydney/Australia: (founded in 1977)

The immediate reason for updating our logo is the opening of a new large store and that our logo is now 33 years old and also a bit hard to read on light boxes.
We are going to move to a new location "Mega store" with double floor space (800m2) and the addition of a large music school with 12 individual teaching rooms and an auditorium.

Where will logo be used?:

1) Light boxes at the road on shop front etc. Large signs on shop-front

2) Stationary, catalogues etc.

3) and very important: There will be a 4 meter (14 foot) high guitar at the road front.( Will look like a Hard Rock Cafë guitar sign) -- Logo should look good on guitar!

4) Another important point to know is the meaning of the word MACRON: It is the name for an accent over vowels. It is ahorizontal bar over a letter:
That could lead to an idea to use the ā in the logo.

Ā,or ā, is a grapheme, a Latin A with a macron, is used in several orthographies. e.g. mācron music

The attached file "BIG GUITAR needs Macron logo" is not the real guitar but just a photoshopped imagination of how it could look.

In regard to clip art, I also love something with a star or percussion instrument in it

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