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If drawing people is your skill, then this contest if for you. I'm soon to launch a blog that will have two characters. Looking for something fun and creative, nothing too real, but nothing too fake. Need full body characters in multiple poses.

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

What’s up everyone? First off, thank you for taking the time to explore this contest. This is my third contest here on 99 Designs and the first two have been awesome! Looking forward to some more great work this time around.

I’m in need of two characters for my upcoming leadership coaching website/blog. I run a leadership coaching site that targets young business professionals between the ages of 18 and 28. Part of what will set our content apart is the interactive manner in which we will deliver it (podcast, video, webinar, etc.). But for the times where we use traditional text, we want to create characters that visitors can establish a connection or relationship with. We will have several characters down the road, but will start with two for now. Here is a little information on both!

I’d like both characters to have kind of a cartoon look to them but not too fake. Characters should be warm and inviting, big smiles, no matter what position you draw them in. And both characters should appear neat, clean, and well dressed.

The first character will actually be me. I’ve uploaded some pictures of me as I would like the character to resemble me as much as possible.

Here are my features:

Ethnicity: African American
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Low fade/buzz
Facial Hair: Goatee (sideburns down to ear)
Skin Color: Light skin
Attire: suit and tie
Build: Tall and athletic
Age: 25

I would like this character (Coach Johnson) to be a full figure character and I’d like to see him in at least three different poses, all in which he will be smiling and look inviting. I’ll let you explore here, but here are some character positions that would interest me:

1) natural standing pose
2) sitting down at a desk
3) standing speaking into a microphone
4) standing pointing (kind of like the Uncle Sam look)
5) standing and looking like giving a speech (maybe even behind a podium)
6) maybe smiling with a wink or thumbs up
7) standing in front of a blank projection screen like presenting (I could put my logo there)

The second character needs to be an older gentlemen between the ages of 60 and 70. This character is going to be the old wise man who gives good advice. There will be a section of my site that gives a quote of the day and this is the guy who will give it and explain it.

Here are his features:

Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Grey
Hair Type: Balding
Facial Hair: None
Skin Color: Tan
Attire: Suit and tie
Build: Short and chubby
Age: 65

I would also like this character to be a full figure character and would like to see him in two positions. Feel free to try any of my suggestions from above or come up with your own here.

Please note I’m asking for a character set here. I’ve seen some great sets on this site. At least two positions for the old guy and at least three for the younger one. Feel free to submit more if you like, it may help you in the case of a tie breaker!

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a comment at any time! Happy designing!


The description is pretty detailed, I'd just tie in to make the characters large enough that I can resize them later. Vector images would be nice so they don't blur if I stretch them.

Would REALLY like the Coach Johnson character to look alot like me so here are some links to pics of me!…rofile.gif…ofile2.gif…llbody.gif…i/face.gif

Ne veut pas

Nothing copied from another site, be totally original.

Nothing too fake or cheesy looking, want it to be a balance between reality and cartoonish.

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