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3 Suit Poker(TM) card deck & package. Free advertising for you!

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My name is Ethan B. Martin. I am a web developer by trade, and in my spare time I write fiction and design games, Pilatche(TM) being one of them.

The winner of this design competition will receive free advertising for himself/herself, in addition to the monetary prize: With every pack of cards I produce that has your design on it, there will be a card that comes with the deck and rules, etc. with one side that promotes you as the graphic designer. This card face will be designed by you, of course, and is purely optional and only meant to benefit you and your design career. I reserve the right to veto any design I deem inappropriate.

I want to print decks of cards that look just as classy as modern poker cards. Most modern decks use few colors: white, black, red, yellow, blue. Similarly, I would only like to use white (as the background color), black, red, green and blue. You may choose to use gradients or blend colors but I recommend you aim for simplicity.

See for my logo, which you should feel free to use in the packaging for this project, or possibly even on the card backs.

I have done some graphic design for Pilatche(TM) myself, but I am not satisfied with the results, nor am I capable of making intricate face cards. See a sample card, the eight of scissors, on page 2 of the attached file "Pilatche_game.pdf"

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Imagine Pilatche(TM) is a game that James Bond would feel at home playing.

Young adult and up. Card gamers, casual gamers, gamblers, casinos, tournament poker players. These people can be highly competitive, mathematically savvy, intuitive and social. My game emphasizes fun, ease of play, speed of play and an easy learning curve, while offering more strategy and player options.

Because card players are very sharp people with sharp eyes, these cards have to be designed in every way to prevent cheating. If a player sees part of an opponent's card out of the corner of his/her eye, as little as possible should be revealed about that card, if possible. The card backs should be symmetrical so that nobody can tell if a card is upside-down or not.

Also consider accessibility. Players who are color blind should have no disadvantage whatsoever when playing this game.

Players who have experienced both Poker and Pilatche(TM) recognize that Pilatche(TM) is "More Fun than Poker"(TM).

Pilatche(TM) has undergone over two years of player testing.

To learn about this game, please see attached file "Pilatche_game.pdf"


Design in small steps! Follow steps below. If your design is not eliminated after a day, try the next step.

1: Three suit icons: Rock (blue), Paper (green), and Scissors (red). These suit icons appear in differing quantities and sizes; they must scale well. Unlike poker suit icons, these do not necessarily have to be flat.

2: A few non-face cards (in the Ace-10 range). Show how both low and high cards will look. I may ask for a specific card.

3: One face card. See "Pilatche_Face_Cards.pdf." If not eliminated, all face cards and the joker. Only difference between high/low jokers - one is black and white. The other is colored. I will guarantee the prize once I see good face cards!

4: Card back - same for each card in a deck. Simple pattern, symmetrical - there is no "upside-down", in at least two color schemes.

5: Fit each card face in dimensions shown - "card_dimensions.pdf"

6: Clean packaging "Poker_Size_Tuck_Box.pdf"

7. One card face that promotes you as a designer! It will ship with every pack of cards I produce with your design on it! And my first order will be for over 5000 decks.

Everything needed: To specified dimensions, design for deck packaging and all 42 card faces. (3 suits each with 13 ranks, high/low Jokers, and card back). The card manufacturer will need files with the layers intact, CMYK color. Preferred formats: Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, though most formats are acceptable.

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