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Search Results Page and Apartment Details Page

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I need to have my search results page and my search details pages redesigned. Currently they don't look very good. I need the help of someone with good artistic sense, that's where you guys come in. Also, if I am very happy with your work, I will have other design work that I can send your way.

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There are two pages. The search results page has a search menu and lists apartments that match the search criteria. If you click on an apartment it takes you to the apartment details page which lists all the details about a given apartment (Except its address)

I need these two pages to be redesigned to look more professional and user friendly.

Here are some examples of these pages in the wild. Please click through a bunch of apartments, as some apartments have much more information then others.…ntals.html

For the following two the apartment details pages don't work.

Here is a previous contest I had for a craigslist template, looking at the winner should give you some idea of what I like.

Here is the craiglist template in the wild…&bedrooms=…34767.html

You'll notice that the html for this is quite nasty, this is to make it work in Craigslist. The html for this contest should be very clean, good use of CSS.


For the Search Page

- The template must lend itself to easily changing the color theme,
since the color's will need to be different to match each client's
website color scheme. The mockup's should be done using a blue color
theme that matches the craigslist template.

- Needs to have a search control area. Should be designed so that we could add more controls in the future.

- Pagination Controls (next page, etc...) Currently there is no way to skip to the 5th page, you have to next your way through all the pages, maybe something like what google does? goooooooogle

- Does not need to list referral #

- Does not need to list Contact phone number

- Does not need a map link

- I really don't have a good view of what this page should look like in my head. Feel free to experiment with different things. If you were searching for an apartment to rent, what would you want to see the results page? More than one picture if available? More info? Less info and more results per page? Use your creativity...

For the apartment details page

- The template must lend itself to easily changing the color theme, since the color's will need to be different to match each client's website color scheme. The mockup's should be done using a blue color theme that matches the craigslist template.

- A place for the Real Estate Office's (REO) contact information, has to be near or at the top of template.

- A place for the REO's Logo. The current template does not have a space
for this. The new template should still look good if no logo is

- A place for important information about the apartment for rent (Beds, Baths, Rent, Date Available)

- A place for the apartment description

- A place to list features about this apartment (Dishwasher, AC, Porch, etc)

- A place for the MBTA Map and locations links. This currently takes up a lot of space, feel free to come up with a design that takes up less space.

- A place to put pictures. Currently one picture is large but the others are thumbnails that you have to click through. I would like this template to have no thumbnails but larger pictures, so that a client could scroll through and quickly get an idea of what the unit looks like. I imagine it would be okay to have two pictures per a row. I think there should be one picture at the top, like in the craigslist template and rest should be at the bottom of the ad.

- I would like you guys to play around with different approaches, mainly
this needs to be a very user friendly template, the important
information should be clear and easy to see. The most important
questions are usually "Who do I contact/call to see this apartment?"
and "What is the rent/beds/baths/data available for this apartment"

- Also, currently the features list takes up a lot of space. Maybe there is a way to take up less space and still be clear?

- Color, Color, Color: I have seen many other professional looking
template that make excellent use of color, to look attractive and
professional but also help highlight and separate groups of important

- The referral number needs to be promient, since they will need this number when calling the office.

Ne veut pas

- I don't want to see lots of images used to get the layout right. I want the layout done via CSS/HTML

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