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Logo required for elite Australian security company

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Nom de la marque

Strategic Protection


Strategic Protection is a provider of the highest quality security and event management services available within Australia. Within 18 months of operation, Strategic Protection has grown from a sole trader to a team of over 65 staff - from one client to now having multiple high profile contracts including ski resorts and hotel chains.

The clearest distinction between Strategic Protection and other security providers is not what we deliver, but how. Where other organisations might provide thugs dressed in black as bouncers for a venue, we provide courteous, professionally presented hosts to provide a welcoming experience for the patron, and enhance their experience and the reputation of the venue.

Through this logo design process we're aiming for branding that will reflect our status as an innovative company delivering the highest standard of security service - we are are the elite, gold class standard within the industry.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience is the exclusive, high end of the market, particularly organisations who pride themselves on the quality of their products and services, and require security to match. When only the best will do, we want people to remember Strategic Protection.

We're talking about 5 star hotels, close personal protection for celebrities and dignitaries, red carpet security, or any event that requires the highest customer service and attention to detail.


Required elements:
The design must contain the words "Strategic Protection" in either uppercase, lower case or title case. (We've added our current text branding in the attached file). In addition we would like to see an branding/icon of some description.
If possible, the design should be able to incorporate "" as an integral part.

The logo will be reproduced on uniforms, lanyards, stickers, business cards, letterhead and our website - so the design must be flexible to allow for a variety of uses.

Visual style:
Simplicity is key. The logo must be contemporary - clean, clear and simple with visual impact and be instant recognition. We would like to avoid anything that infers dominance or aggression and don't want to see any cliches - objects like eagles, padlocks, shields, or firearms will be eliminated. Remember: our core business is high class professional customer service within the security industry. We like shapes with clean edges - diamond, star, and triangle, or simple bezier curves.

Also, please don't use Australian symbolism - no outlines of Australia or native animals, etc.

The colours we have recently chosen are burgundy, silver, white and black. We would prefer to steer away from red as it can appear aggressive. Also bear in mind that the design will have to be reproduced in single colour for some applications.


1) Try to keep the text/logo ratio even. We don't want a huge logo and small text.
2) Think outside the box - so far we've had everything from chess pieces to stars, and umbrellas to puzzles. Not everything is suitable but we're really liking the variety! Just try to keep it related to the brief.
3) The design doesn't need to be a literal interpretation of the words "Strategic" or "Protection" (although thats okay if it does!) We'd be equally happy with a design that emphasises that our services are the highest quality.
4) The initials "SP" in the logo aren't suitable, as many companies and organisations already use this type of representation. We're really after something unique!

Things we've decided we DON'T like:

1) Umbrellas - not a professional symbol
2) Chess pieces - we understand the reference to "strategy" but it doesn't appeal to us as a design element. (This includes castles.)
3) Horses - not something we consider relevant to a security company.
4) Crowns - they imply very boldly that we feel we are the king of security. We're looking for something that displays our professionalism in a more subtle and stylish way.
5) Circles - this shape just doesn't do much for us.

Thanks for reading the brief. We're excited to see what you come up with, and will attempt to provide feedback and guidance where possible.

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