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iPhone music app - single screen and icon design

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Blackout Labs needs a single screen design and an iPhone homescreen icon for our latest app, the i808 drum machine. This app brings vintage drum machine sounds to the iphone with tight time keeping and high quality sounds that no other apps provide. We just need stellar design to bring it to life. Check out the brief for detailed info. We will be checking the contest several times a day and providing feedback.

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The "i808" is a basic drum machine with 16 beat buttons, 12 drums/instruments with editable parameters, 5 patterns, and editable gain and tempo. That's it. If you don't know what a drum machine is, what a pattern is, or you've never played music before, don't sweat it. We've posted a short 3 minute video and some pics on our blog that explain everything:

The video and pics should give you an idea of what you need to get started. Here is precisely what we're looking for:
- All submissions should consist of:
1) 1 iphone screen size 320x480.
2) embedded options view. See video and below for more details.
3) 1 iPhone homescreen icon design size 512x512. The icon also needs to look good at size 57x57.
In your submission feel free to put a couple different screen shots there to show the screen with and without the embedded options view.
I'll describe our screen from top to bottom as it currently is:
- Play/Stop button and Options button - we need two images for the play stop button: one for play and one for stop. The button will change images depending on whether or not it's playing
- The embedded options view pops up when you press the options button. In our current UI, our options screen is 320x100, but feel free to put it anywhere on the screen and make it any size you want. The only requirements are that it contains a tempo input box and a gain slider.
- 12 instrument buttons. We need a way to highlight them to know which one is selected. I have them numbered in the program. Don't number them! Either put pictures or the instrument names which are, in order:
Accent (this just makes a beat louder)
Bass Drum
Low Conga / Low Tom
Mid Conga / Mid Tom
Hi Conga / Hi Tom
Claves / Rim Shot
Maracas / Hand Clap
Cow Bell
Open Hihat
Closed Hihat
- Beat buttons: There are 16 beat buttons. They need to be separated into groups of 4 like on the original drum machine. They need to be highlighted in two different ways (1) when the beat is 'active' and (2) every fourth beat will need to be highlighted to show the user visually where we are in the pattern.
- Instrument options inside the circle. All text inside the circle needs to be changed by my program, so it needs to be an iPhone system font. Those fonts are: Courier, AppleGothic, Arial, "STHeiti TC", "Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN", "Courier New", Zapfino, "Arial Unicode MS", "STHeiti SC", "American Typewriter", Helvetica, "Marker Felt", "Helvetica Neue", "DB LCD Temp", Verdana, "Times New Roman", Georgia, "STHeiti J", "Arial Rounded MT Bold", "Trebuchet MS", "STHeiti K"
- 5 pattern buttons labeled 1-5 (not 0-4 like on the current design).
- All sliders, including the gain slider, need a 'knob' design to replace the circle that is currently there.
None of this is absolutely set in stone. If you have a better idea, go for it. You don't even have to go with our basic UI that we have. Feel free to make something totally different if you think it would be better.


- Upon delivery everything should be in .png format. Each interface element will need to be delivered separately, i.e. for the 16 beat buttons, we'll need 16 .png files.- if you use stock photos/images please let me know as soon as you post your design. Include a link to the image license agreement. I need to make sure we can use it. I don’t want to have to DISQUALIFY your design after your put too much work into it.

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- Just make sure you keep in mind usability. It's a touch screen so no buttons can be too small.

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