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iPhone application design for a phone accessory

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SECU4 develops for its client new protection solutions for valuables and people based on wireless technologies.

In 2009 SECU4 has been selected by Red Herring in the Top 100 of the most promising start-up company in the world in San Diego in the USA.

SECU4 develops the BlueWatchDog

The BlueWatchDog is a personal alarm system protecting your valuables, like laptop bags, luggage and bags against theft and loss.

BlueWatchDog operates via mobile phones using the Bluetooth connection. It consists of credit card size device which can be inserted in an object you want to protect and of a Software to download on the mobile phone. Thus, as soon as the object is removed from 1 to 30 metres from its owner the mobile phone rings or vibrates and displays a warning message on the screen. Then after a few seconds an alarm of about 100 decibels engages on the valuable to protect it and make the thief flee.

We are preparing the very first "made for iPhone" accessory working on Bluetooth and dedicated to security.

Our product is already used by many thousands of people around the world.
For the official iPhone lauch we want to prepare a new design of our application which reflects the innovation, the dynamisme and the quality of our company.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Globally the product is aimed at a very broad range of potential clients since the only gating factor is to be the owner of a compatible mobile phone, most of the time a smartphone.
However, our current and ideal client profile is the business traveller between 25 and 45 years old.
If we enlarge the target client spectrum one finds the following high potential profiles;

 travellers and tourists,
 suburban commuters travelling into and out of the city on a daily basis,
 computer specialists and more generally all owners of laptop PC’s,
 parents wanting to protect their children,
 IT Managers of large companies.

The product has a pricing of 59 Euros, 89 USD, and is positionned as a mass market product in the Bluetooth field with a qualitative and innovative image.

For the launch of the iPhone version we are looking for a unique and qualitative design which stays accessible to all customers listed and which respects and follows the Apple apps style.


We are looking for a design which integrates the already existing icons and look for a dynamique structure of the app.

We are looking to redesign the main screen. We are looking for the "Waouh effect".

To understand how to design the app' you have to understand first how the product works.

Please consult those 2 videos under :

- BlueWatchDog Presentation
- BlueWatchDog's Software Presentation

Task :

Generic task is to create a new design for the following screens :

1° the intro screen (opening design)
2° the main screen (structure and design of the page) (think about ergonomy)
3° the secondary screens (help, video page)

Specific demand :

- Keep the existing icons (optional, If you really have a great idea -> change them),

- On every screens we would like to find :

the 4 parameters (distance, sound level, delay and ringtone/vibrate)
The "SECU4" logo
the "Exit" button,
the "Help" button,
the "locate" function,
the BlueWatchDog battery level.

See an exemple of the disposition of those elements in the uploaded files to see what we are expecting in this new application.

- Integrate a screen change for :

the armed mode,
the disarmed mode,
the alert mode,

For any additional info we are at disposal at the following e-mail address :

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