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Inspiring Character Set for Blog Needed

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Good Health Gal


If you have a knack for drawing, then this is the contest to enter. The client is launching a health/wellness site and is looking for a caricature character set to brand herself. Looking for something creative, yet professional, mix that is not too cartoonish, yet not too real either. Need one character in multiple poses. This is the first project of many. Client will need website design, business cards, along with other design work. This is simply the first part of the project and if you win this stage, you will have an opportunity to work on the other parts of the project.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The target market is mostly women ages 40 and up (interested in looking better, losing weight, and/or have more energy), but we don’t want to rule out men either. The character should not be too thin, but should also have nice curves, fit but not too sexy looking. Looking for somewhat of a cartoon look, but not too fake or exaggerated. The character should be warm and inviting, the body type on the character should make women feel like it is “attainable” not be too stick thin but not overweight at all either. Want a fit looking healthy yet toned character. The Good Health Gal is to brand a health consulting business. The business will provide the following services:
1. Health Coaching
2. Nutrition Counseling
3. Fitness Coaching
4. Wellness Education
5. Healthy Cooking Classes and Weight Loss – but this is not your typical “diet” program. This course focuses on how to eat foods that on “diets” are typically banned, but with this program, clients are shown how to eat bread, pancakes, desserts including chocolate, along with other more traditional types of healthy foods and lose weight. So feel free to use your creativity with the poses, instead of your usual diet programs where characters are seen with an apple, perhaps showing something like breads, cakes, or the character kicking away the apple and feeling satisfied while eating a meal with breads, etc.


The character should have light brown, almost blonde hair, with hazel eyes. See sample hairface.jpg used for all poses.…/contest1/
Please show 4 poses, with #1 for sure. 1) natural standing pose (see standing pose1.jpg) ¾ length character, (but please make dress a different color (perhaps a teal or purple or pink color) no reds please. Other Choices:
2) Cooking – perhaps with an apron with “Good Health Gal” on the apron
3) Exercising – on bike (see exercisesample,jpg) ignore the characters in the exercise sample, all I like is the actual sample of the bike itself
4) standing with casual outfit – (see sampleoutfit.png) I like the style of this outfit but please change the color
5) sitting behind a computer (see computerpose.jpg) for sample pose, ignore the look of the character in terms of face etc
6) full body pose (see fullbodyposedress.jpg) Would like character in this type of dress, please change color, be creative, no reds please, and no boots, and no shopping bags, (ignore again, look of character in terms of hair and coloring in this photo, just showing you sample of the dress that I like and the figure of the woman7) running – see (running-girl.jpg) for sample, except please don’t make the feet look so big.Please note I’m asking for a character set here Feel free to submit more if you like, it may help you in the case of a tie breaker!

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