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SalesMagic - creators of iMap | from Advanced Business Concepts


I am a sales professional by day, iPad developer by night. I have successfully created an app.. iMap for both the iPad and iPhone. I am very passionate about sales and helping other salespeople like myself benefit from this new app I am creating. I believe that design can make or break an application. There have been many great apps that were simple concepts made popular by great designers. I am looking for an innovative look, feel and usability that is professional, yet enjoyable to work with. Salespeople are very busy people. I think the traditional bland interfaces of poor designs make using "business applications" boring. Apple has changed that with the iPad. Many great designs with thought put into usability and color really make apps shine. I want users of SalesMagic (my new app) to LOVE the look of the interface, but not find that it gets in the way. Users of SalesMagic will use the app on an iPad every day so the interface needs to be visually appealing and colorful. Professional is a must but needn't be stodgy.

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Small to medium businesses that employee professional salespeople are my target. Anyone that needs to keep track of their clients and prospects are in my target audience. This will include men and women. The average age user is probably 30-40. These are almost always going to be busy people, salespeople, perhaps even business owners that go to SalesMagic to keep track of their clients, notes about their clients and other related customer information. I would NOT believe any of my clients would be kids or over the age of 55. I am looking to catch the eye of the business crowd with a clean professional look, but interesting and unique enough to break the monotony most "corporate" users are used to using in Windows programs.


I need a user interface for my iPad application - SalesMagic.

The app "Bills" on the iTunes app store is a good example of the "innovation" I'm looking for. This app will keep track of contact information about clients and companies. The ideal design will work in both landscape and portrait mode on the iPad. The iPad resolution is 1024x768 in landscape mode. I need the designer to consider an interface that accommodates data input.

The fields that must be included are:
• Full Name
• Title
• Phone1
• Phone 2
• Cell
• Fax
• E-mail
• Company
• Address 1
• Address2
• City/State/Zip
• Notes. Notes will be time and data stamped.

The designer could consider multiple screens for collecting data if it improves the presentation of the concept. The user will be using this app to enter data, and lookup data. The iPad allows almost anything graphical to be used as a design element, hence the designer should feel the freedom to play. Symbols or Pictures to represent items are fine. Using an envelope for instance to represent e-mail is an example.

I like bold graphics, simple is often nice, but don't feel restricted. I do not want a cutesy design. I have attached two files that show an example of the fields, but as you can see there is no life to them. I want a designer to come up with a creative and colorful way to represent the data I indicated.

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