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Klikki is a leading search marketing agency in Scandinavia. We manage the pay-per-click advertising campaigns and search engine optimization campaigns of some of the largest brands in the Nordic region.

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Large corporate clients looking to increase their investment and expertise in online media. We are primarily focused on the Nordic region but handle numerous global accounts and are well equipped to handle multi-region accounts.


We are in need of an infographic (…n_graphics) which is to be a summary of a blog post we have posted here:

For more examples of infographics check Google image search:

But in essence the idea is to convert information that would otherwise take some time to consume into a visually appealing, easy-to-digest image that is interesting and people are likely to share with others.

Ideally, it would be controversial and include fun facts to increase reader interest. Here's some more examples:…ographics/…nfographic


Just to be clear, this request is for the creation of an infographic based on the following blog post:

Here is the summarized version to be used in the infographic:
The 10 Commandments of Link Building

These Ten Commandments will help you maintain a NATURAL LINK PROFILE which is the path to SEO righteousness and the kingdom of rankings. A natural link profile is how we avert the wrath of Google and pull traffic to a website in biblical proportions.

1. Thou shalt increase the QUANTITY of links and the number of domains linking to your site.
It seems that number of linking domains have increasing importance as that is harder to “game” than just the number of links, so always be looking for new sites to get links from rather than just going back to the same sites you already have links from.

2. Thou shalt favor QUALITY links from authoritative and trustworthy sites.
Make sure you get as many links as possible from:
* pages with high PR
* trusted sites
* government sites
* educational sites

3. Thou shalt use varied ANCHOR TEXT in your links with a bias towards the keywords associated with the landing page.
Anchor text tells the search engines what phrases a page should rank for but if 99% of your links have the same anchor text that will probably send a signal that you are trying to game the results.

4. Thou shalt acquire DEEP LINKS to your interior pages as well as links to your homepage.
You should be trying to get a lot of links to interior pages with optimized anchor text so that your target pages are ranking well for long tail keywords. But let common sense prevail when monitoring your deep link ratio; the litmus test is whether the number represents what could be considered a “natural” link profile.

5. Thou shalt acquire links of VARYING TYPEs
...editorial, press releases, article directories, social media, web 2.0, site directories, news aggregators, forums, blogs, review sites, price comparison sites, etc

6. Thou shalt favor links from sites and pages that are TOPICALLY RELEVANT.
The topical relevancy of the source page is determined primarily by these on-page factors:
* contents of the title tag
* anchor text of all links from the page
* contents of heading tags and bold text
* contents of image alt texts
* contents of the body text

7. Thou shalt favor links from sites that are GEOGRAPHICALLY RELEVANT.
If you are targeting a specific geographical market then it follows that the bulk of your links would come from sites within that market.

8. Thou shalt consider the number and nature of links on the SOURCE PAGE.
If there is a huge number of links from the source page then each link will provide very little value in terms of passing authority.

9. Thou shalt not link to BAD NEIGHBORHOODS.
There are clearly good and bad neighborhoods online in terms of trust and the nature of the content and practices employed on those sites. Linking TO bad neighborhoods is a stronger indicator of association with that part of the internet than receiving links FROM them but you certainly don’t want a large percentage of your inbound links to be coming from bad neighborhoods either.

10. Thou shalt not participate in automated or deceptive LINK EXCHANGE PROGRAMS.
Link networks and link farms are built with the sole purpose of getting thousands of links for the member sites and more often than not leave a footprint with which Google can detect the member sites.

Obviously a 10 commandments theme is preferable (maybe even with stone tablets).

It should include Klikki branding at the bottom of the graphic and the url of the full post:

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