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Icons & covers for Collaboration Software & Services Company

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Starting from our logo we need a consistent series of 8 cover designs including icons to represent our collaboration solutions. You are free to reuse the elements (shape) of our logo.
We want to use this covers for web cover flows, web pages, PowerPoint title slides and a banner. The covers should vary in color schemes to represent the various solution contexts.
The icons should represent the output of the collaboration processes and be reused within the covers, but also stand for themselves for other usages.

Please see our comments below.

Nom de l'entreprise

osensus - Tagline: focused collaboration

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

For eachsolution described below we will offer a process description, a web-based videotutorial for virtual coaching, innovative web 2.0 based software (or softwareas a service) including templates, as well as professional consulting/coachingand support services. The target groups are medium/large and/or highlyinnovative companies, projects and teams with focus on research and developmentand innovation. Our collaboration solutions:
- Think Tank: Start with a problem or challenge. Work together to create and evaluate ideas, co-innovate. Spot, shape and scale innovations.
- RequirementsMining: Work together to mine requirements for projects. Vote on importance andease of implementation. Identify and solve issues. Agree on scope. Possible outputSymbol: question mark.
- ProductSmithy: Co-Innovate on new products. Identify “Jobs-to-be-done” for yourclients. Identify features and issues. Develop creative alternatives and findinnovative solutions. Possible output symbol: checkbox to symbolize features.
- CostBrake: Identify and vote on cost saving possibilities. Discuss on potential andfeasibility and agree on plans.
- RoundTable: Mediation process to help conflict parties to get to know theirpositions. Exchange and understand each other’s in-depths interests and needs. Developalternatives. Build consensus. WinWin-Negotiation.
- VisionSmithy: Brainstorm on a bright future for your organization, team, partnership,etc. Identify and vote on objectives. Develop possible solutions. Negotiate andagree on common vision.
- StrategyWorkshop: Brainstorm and vote on objectives. Identify issues and hurdles to beconsidered. Develop alternatives and build consensus for a commonstrategy.
- RiskMitigation: Identify and vote on potential risks. Brainstorm onmitigation actions. Please goto our software partner’s website and watch the 3-minute “ThinkTankVideo Demo” to get a flash impression of what kind of services and software wewill offer.

Please takeinto account that there cannot be an exclusive right for the usage of general symbolsto visualize a specific collaboration processes output, because for some processesthere are not too much alternatives. E. g. “?” for requirements or “checkbox”for features.  But of course we will honorthe invention of original symbols.

Pleasestart with a single cover design of your choice. Put the solution title below,although this won’t become part of the cover. After your first 3star design we will ask you to propose 3 out of 8 and after your 4-star design wewill ask you to propose the complete series.  After your first 5-star design we will ask youto put the complete series to a banner design including our logo in the upperleft.  
Our star ratings will beas follows: - 1 star: Notinterested in a design of this nature. Please read the brief.  
- 2 stars:Concept, font or layout was good but not a design we would consider. 
- 3 stars: Caughtour eyes
- 4 stars: We like it
- 5 stars: Selected Finalist We will tryto provide feedback at least once a day to each new entry.
Download Logo-…es/1495874
- Adobe Illustrator CS4 format & fonts:
- logosare for draft only and have to be deleted after this contest Format & Dimension (height x width)
- Icons:64 x 64 px
- Covers:128 x 128 px for web and 640x640 px for PowerPoint title slides
- Banner: 800 x 200 px for web and 200 x 100 cm (200dpi) for banner print – for the banner we prefer a bright, light, decent background– maybe reusable for our future web design also.


- We like powerful but harmonic colors, waves, inspiration, energy, 3D / Web 2.0 style
- Clear fonts (sans serif), Clear symbols
- KISS – Keep it strictly simple: As simple as possible, as complex as necessary
- The design must be original
- We need resizable and adaptablegraphics (sources) – Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop preferred. If you use bitmaps please provide hi-res sources also.

Ne veut pas

- Complexity, Confusion, anything too complicated
- No cheesy/cartoonish graphics. No flowers. No ornaments.
- No weapons. No tanks. No military symbols. No aggressive symbols at all. Because the output of our solution processes are always consensual solutions.
- No recycled designs.

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