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GET IT ALL OUT ! - a music documentary journey

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MediaGroove LLC


MediaGroove LLC is a New York City-based production company for independent documentary film and music releases. Our team consists of a founder/executive producer, associate producer, director, 2 assistant editors and a digital archivist. We have been working on music projects since 2006, and the documentary film "Get It All Out" since April 2008.

We employ the use of ridiculously cheap and widely democratized tools of Digital Storytelling to reveal authentic, gem-like stories to an international audience.

We have seen the power of great design first-hand in launching companies, magazines and even movements - & know that the sooner a project (and/or a company) can establish a cohesive identity & look across all its presentation materials (print and digital) the better it is for the team, the projects and the message.

We also believe in the power of social media to connect people, ideas, and transcend time and space (even if we still walk, swim, drive, fly and ride to get where we're going!)

It's reflected in our blog for the documentary: and our use of the inevitable Facebook and Twitter presence to pre-market and seed-message our effort to current and future fans.

Right now, the development of our film (and its companion soundtrack, E-book, digital excerpts for stream/download) is our main focus.

MediaGroove turns Mania into Media <tm>.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Outline of our Goals and Target Audience:
- Raising funds for our documentary (on crowdsourced donation/ fundraising sites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, &/or WorkBook Project)
- Applying to US & international film festivals once we have a rough cut of the film (ETA - September 2010)
- Framing our pre-marketing efforts prior to the film's release (through social media & in-person networking)

About the film:
"Get It All Out" (GIAO) is
- a meditation on the power of melody (and harmony, rhythm and groove) to persist in the hearts of those that heard it for years, even decades after first being in the air.
- a celebration of the life of the late John Creighton -- a musician, lyricist, poet, activist and humanist - who's creativity, decency, character and art touched the lives of his community, friends and complete strangers.
- an examination of the musical chemistry that can happen when strong-willed personalities both clash and harmonize to create a body of work greater than the sum of its parts (sometimes unknowingly so).
- a glimpse into a brief window-in-time - when both musicians and listeners were more open to the mixing of Black and White music, folkloric music, avant-jazz horn charts and punk energy, art/funk, minimalism/dub, No Wave meets Downtown, Bush of Ghosts vs. Sandinista!, urban yet tropical, atonal at times, melodic hooks too, and always, always percussive.


FIRST!! (#1) - Download our PowerPoint slides & READ the slide notes (the images are Zipped), + check out our blog, Facebook & Twitter pages - there is truly a feeling/vibe of post-Punk that we're looking for (not trading on the cliche "ransom note" lettering of earlier Punk - ala "Anarchy in the UK" - etc.) - it's more about the trans-Atlantic cross-pollination of musical & sub-cultural styles that happened in the window between 1979-1983 *(before MTV took over)

SECOND! (#2) - since we gave you a design brief, we need one from you. A single image or 3 "title"/ poster images isn't going to work for us. Make us a creative brief - at least a 3 to 5 page presentation, slide show, PDF or Word doc. (The more detailed you can be, the more likely we'll be interested).

Our goal is to reach our Target Audience in a scripted, clear, deliberate & approachable way. Describe in your brief (which will show you read the materials) how you will create:

A) A simple yet powerfully magnetic Keynote or PowerPoint template (coupled with a new doc trailer we're working on)

B) Reusable Design Elements, consisting of a style-guide & possible lexicon of iconography to convey the feeling & set the contextual tone of GIAO (and MediaGroove). We intend to use these in a new InDesign version of our Business Plan

C) Typography - Since our logo was designed using the FF Meta typeface, we've also adopted it as our company font --- if you can work with Meta to help us expand our use of it in attractive, designerly ways, great!

D) Last but not least, we need a package of work to help set the tone and identity of GIAO as we both rally people to help us complete it and promote it to the world. An "Identity Kit / Toolbox" to work with / build upon. Templates, yes - but a style and a look carries the water

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