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Design of banners for home page (flash and static)

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Description: To develop home page banners for a lovely Day Care Center just outside NYC. This involves creating a large flash banner consisting of 5 transitions, and 3 smaller static banners.
We provide detailed instructions and stock images - designer will add their style and touch to the finished product. Anyone who loves kids will surely enjoy this job, and have a good shot at winning the prize.
This contest is a chance for a good designer to get a shot at being our steady graphics person, ensuring themselves a steady stream of work to come!

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?


Stock images for banner:…directlink
- As you create the banners, you may feel it necessary to make some design changes to the actual homepage design. FEEL FREE TO DO SO, you can access the PSD file of the home page draft at:…t.psdFlash banner - across the top of the image in the indicated spot, consisting of 5 slides made up of the stock images corresponding to the slide number and the text associated with the images as indicated in the attached document

3 smaller banners - across the bottom in their respective locations, again using the indicated images and text

These banners serve to achieve the desired look of the site, which is to communicate a warm and friendly child care facility that we are, and to make a professional yet warm impression on prospective parents.


- View and download images from this album:…directlink
-  Make the text come in with some animation for each image change.
-  Each "slide" will need to be designed and the images will need to be edited, cropped,  and/or cut out in photoshop as necessary. 
- In most cases you can split the text into two lines if necessary. 
- Since the area you will be working with is wide and short, I do not know if one image will be enough for each slide.  
-  I am including more than one image per "slide".  Use as many as you need to create a nice and clean looking banner. 
- All images are named with the number slide it is for.  (When viewing the album click into each image and click on "more info" on the right side to see the file name.) The letter is to show my preference of which ones to rather use.
- Make tweaks to the homepage design in order to fit in with the new look that appears as a result of the new bannersSlide #1: 
Text - "Grand Opening - Fall 2009"
Images and Graphics - Use the image of the exterior of the school building).  Since the building is not complete you will need to superimpose an awning over the entrance with the schools logo on it.  The rest of this "slide" should be designed to show the grand opening celebration.  I am attaching an image of a girl holding balloons.  You can use more balloons and streamers as necessary.

Slide #2:
Text - "We emphasize a child-centered, developmental approach and learning through experience." (If space permits w/o making it to cluttered you can add "Learning & Growth through Play")
Images & Graphics -  One or Two images of children at play.  You can add blocks etc. as necessary.
Slide #3
Text - "We promote a family oriented environment, encouraging parent participation."
Images & Graphics - One or Two images of child w/parent.  You need to cut out background. 
Slide #4
Text - "Providing children with the opportunity to explore and learn about the diversity of their community."
Images & Graphics - I am including images of 7 children, boys and girls, of different ages.  You do not need to use all of them.  I did label them in order of importance.  Perhaps you can cut out  these pictures in circles ( head and shoulders only) and put all circles in a cluster or collage.
Slide #5
Text - "Nurturing children in a safe, fun, and loving environment."
Images & Graphics - Two images of children with parents

Following is the information for the design of the three small banners below the flash banner.1)    "Our Philosophy"  - use image of teacher and child .  Cut out of white background, o.k. to crop bottom as necessary.2)    "Our Programs" - use image of child.  Cut out black background.  On left side of image put a small bulleted list as follows:            -    Infant            -    Toddler            -    Preschool            -    Pre - K            -    Kindergarten            -    School-Age            -    Summer3)    "Our Blog" - I don't have an image for this one.  Under header put "School Development & Construction News".  Maybe a picture of a tractor as a backdrop behind the text would be nice.

Ne veut pas

- Do not robotically follow the instuctions to the letter, rather show your artistic talent in creating these banners. Don't be afraid to express your opinion in your designs, we will follow up with feedback along the way to help you out.
- Make sure the new design fits well with the homepage draft, otherwise feel free to tweak the design of the homepage itself in order to match it
- Remember, we are in this together - your success is ours as well. We want you to win!

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