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Three Giant Leaps


Three Giant Leaps is a movement. It’s about leveling the playing field for
anyone who’s ever dreamed of making a serious living doing what they love. It’s about valuing passion as much as prosperity and pursuing both with zest. It’s about coming alive in all areas of your life.

Through 13 years of research and development Three Giant Leaps has developed programs and products that help you discover the work you were born to do.

Imagine loving your job. Now imagine if everyone left school/university passionate about the career they were about to begin.

Imagine if -when sports stars retired - they had a way of identifying what to do next with their lives.

This is what we do...and it really works. We teach people about themselves and through this discovery process we/they discover their life calling.

Our programs are curriculum based which means they can be used in schools all over the world. Our mission is to make sure that every child leaves school with a clear idea of the work they what to do and why.

We have run programs in schools, prisons and in major Fortune 100 companies.

We currently enjoy a 99% Client Satisfaction rate and 2010 is the year when we plan to expand rapidly both in the US and into new territories.

We are re branding from our old name The New World Institute to "Three Giant Leaps". To read more about us go to our old site http://www.thenewworldinstitute.com

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

B2C - 30-55 year old professionals. Men/Women 50/50

B2B - Schools, Colleges, Large Corporations, Media Companies

We will also soon be launching our scholarship program which will allow everyone to apply to take our program for free.

We are currently in discussions with several TV companies about filming our process.


The core of our programs is our 3 Stage/12 step Methodology which provides the back bone for all our programs...hence the name "Three Giant Leaps".

The 3 leaps are a deep study of your past, your present and your future to uncover the answer to 'What was I born to do".

You can see our model (attached) in the how we do it section here: http://www.thenewworldinstitute.com…alling.php

This model needs to rebranded and redesigned keeping these things in mind:

The Model has three sections that are broken into 4 parts each. (12 parts in total) (See Attached) or go to "How We Do It" section here

In addition to the model being kept intact, it will sometimes be necessary to depict one section or 1 part at a time.

The New World Method becomes: THREE GIANT LEAPS. Please see the other brief we posted here for a logo. That will give you an idea of the direction the brand is headed..
Old World becomes:
II. Leap To The Past – Be Connected

II. Current World becomes:
II. Leap To The Present- Be Yourself

III. New World becomes:
III. Leap to The Future – Be Your Best

For now the name of each 12th section remains the same. (including the numbers 1-12 in the old model.)

The shape and flow of the model is up to you. Go wild with your ideas!.

One idea is that each of the 4 parts has a feeling of a small step with in the leap.

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