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I need a book cover designed for an upcoming book on heterodox Christianity. The name of the book is
[Title] Who Really Goes to Hell? – The Gospel You’ve Never Heard:
[Subtitle] What a Protestant Bible written by Jews says about God’s work through Christ
(A book for those in the church and those offended by it)

Nom de l'entreprise

Biblical Heresy Press []

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The book is 6.14 x 9.21 inches, 200 pages. I have uploaded specific PDF and EPS templates online (These templates just show the exact width and height the submitted file should be as well as how wide the spine is and the "safe areas" for text, etc.)

PDF Template is here. [More or less useless because you cannot move the bar code, but it shows the measurements and safe areas.]

EPS Template is here. [Click "Ungroup" to move around the bar code.]

The template is explained here.

Information about file creation requirements can be found here.

You can generate your own template here. [CS, CS2, CS3, Quark6 and Quark7 are available]

[Use the following settings:

ISBN: 9780981826608

Content: B&W

Paper: White
Cover Type: perf
Trim Width: 6.14
Trim Height: 9.21
Page Count: 200
Include LSI Logo: false
Include Price in Barcode: false]


- The Back Cover should show the bar code and the BHP Logo [logo downloadable here.]
- There should be some spot on the front for a quote/endorsement to go.
- The title/subtitle are very long, and you have some freedom with regard to how you present them on the page. However, you might wish to consult the Titling page here. [I would like "The Gospel You've Never Heard" to be the most prominent text.]
- The author is David I. Rudel
- The text for the back cover is here.
- The Book is an investigation of Christian Salvation.. the book is meant to provoke discussion and suggest there is something to consider/ponder/debate here. {you might want to read the excerpt at to get a feel for what the book is about.)
-  As strange as it might seem, this book is not meant to illicit fear or condemnation (at least not in the way "HELL" generally does). Please take that general notion into consideration. In particular, I would suggest (without saying you HAVE to do any of these):
i) Using a font that does not come across as heavy-handed or strong. The book is about drawing people into a discussion rather than terrorizing them.
ii) I would honestly suggest making "The Gospel You've Never Heard" the most prominent text, even though it comes after the "Who really Goes to Hell."
iii) I think I'd like to suggestion a couple possible options for people to consider for the front (some of the current front-cover designs might end up being back-cover designs?)
A. A depiction of the "Sheep and the Goats" parable described in Matthew 25:31-46. [You can see this online at…B#comm/31]
B. A depiction of prisoners in a dungeon being freed by Christ, BUT with two large doors/arches (representing a kind of choice) in the background, one with LIGHT the other with FIRE. [Note, any variation on this motif of people being freed to choose light or darkness is long as the darkness is portrayed as obviously unappealing, we don't actually have to have fire...our hell can be "outer darkness" instead.]
C. A view from the outside a locked gate with New Jerusalem on the other side...this might be hard to pull off without making it look like New Jerusalem is itself a prisoner or somehow locked away from everyone...I was just trying to come up with another option. [for a description of New Jerusalem, see Revelation chapter 21 […ASB#comm/1]
- A good option for the back cover is Jesus preaching on a Mountain to Jews, but it is certainly not required to have anything on the back cover.
Another option for the back cover would be a picture of "God's Law written on our hearts." [however you want to show that.]

Ne veut pas

- No Crosses. If Jesus shows up [which is encouraged!] make sure it is not a Western-White Jesus with blue eyes ;)
- Fire is perfectly acceptable as one representation of hell, abject darkness is another...but if you use fire as your representation, please do not have anyone actually burning inside.
- Don't make the word "Hell" any more scary than it already is.

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