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"WOW' classic logo needed for online jewellery shop

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I have over 35 years experience in the Australian Jewellery Industry. I have worked in wholesaling, importing and more recently retailing. My retail store has been voted in the top 5 stores nationally every year for the last 8 years, winning in 2007, and 2nd in 2008 & 2009. I am now transfering my passion for the jewellery trade into an online business that will become the preferred online jewellery destination for Australian online shoppers. I am a perfectionist, while at the same time enjoying the relaxed fun side of the trade(see brands stocked below) My passion transfers into passionate loyal customers. I have an amazing relationship with the Australian wholesalers, so am often offered new or exclusive product from all over the world before it is released to the trade. I will be offering the countries top jewellery brands, as well as unbranded top quality general jewellery (may be branded later), with a selection of fashion watch brands as well. Custom made jewellery will also be available. In my retail store, customers will drive over 1hour just to see me..selling jewellery is based on trust, and is often sold on emotion...and with my years of experience, they are comfortable in their purchase. At 42 years old I am still young enough to know what "rocks", but have had a lifetime of experience to select only the very best quality product, regardless of it's cost.

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The target Audience will be mostly women who are brand conscious, regular online shoppers, often time poor, who will happily recommend products/services they like. They will also be looking for great value and exceptional service.Most of these women will be comfortable shopping online, & users of social media such as Facebook. They will enjoy shopping online with us because it will be friendly, efficient, stress free, and we will exceed their expectations in all areas...they won't want to shop anywhere else! To start out at launch time, we do have an existing data base of approx 2000 customers from our retail store, many of whom would not normally shop online, but they do know and trust us, so will be more comfortable doing so, and will also tell a friend. When our online customers receive their jewellery and try it on for the first time, we want them to fall in love with their new "favourite" piece, and get this feeling ever time they wear it.


The logo needs to be classic, easily readable/recognisable. It must show class and style, without appearing too expensive or snobby. There is that fine line between being too luxurious and too cheap. We must find that perfect place in between. The products sold will be a collection of classic pieces that will become family heirlooms, Glamorous elegant sophisticated bling jewellery ,and fun seasonal fashion pieces. Most branded product will be advertised nationally by the Brand.
Some examples of branded product that will be sold in our online store are (pandora &crown is now in the top 10 most recognisable brands in the world and is on EVERYTHING they do...
Some examples of other online stores that I don't like are ...terrible colour and photos cluttered and trashy...logo not memorable
Colours need to be crisp & clean and can include brighter colours as highlights.
The logo will be on the website, stationary, all boxes/packaging/ribbon as well as used in all online and printed advertising.
No stock photos of jewellery please. would like icon to accompany logo.

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