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Women’s social networking site needs an identity!

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Nom de la marque

One Third Woman


We are a social networking site called whose aim is to encourage, support and guide woman trying to balance a complex life. This life in particular comprises of three key roles:
1. the mother,
2. the breadwinner,
3. the woman herself.

Each of these roles is measured as one third, however, emphasis shall be on the woman as a whole.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We want to attract women who have children (either recently or long standing), and who are also working (or trying to get back to work). Prior to having children, it is likely she already had an established and successful career for which she worked very hard, either in a professional capacity or otherwise. She does not want to let go of this achievement whether it be to continue developing her career forwards, financial reasons or just plain sanity!

This site does not exclude women who are working in a non-professional capacity. We want to appeal to women who have a certain degree of financial independence prior to having children and after.

Our female audience still wish to maintain a sense of who they are in addition to these other significant life roles.

We want to provide solutions for these women who are probably under pressure to perform like superwoman, but are simply human. There may not be enough time to do everything and please everyone so she turns to this web-site for advice, support, guidance and friendship. It is a place to give and receive.

We want to appeal to all women who fit this description, in particular those who have returned to work after maternity leave and still have drive to continue with their career and still wish to be a great mum.


We require a banner and logo for our web-site, to be delivered as illustrator files and JPEG. As an example for the banner (however by no means limited to) please see basic hand drawn image attached.

In the attached image, each figure represents one of the thirds, or one of the 3 roles women have in life as explained earlier. Using thirds or the concept of 3 would be a consistent theme for the design; however we are open to suggestions.

The use of figurines is an idea as long as they are simple and elegant (see figures used on and some figurines scattered around are not ideal but ok). If the figurine concept is successful, it would likely be developed further into various themes as the web-site grows and develops. Also, (if applicable) we require each object in the banner to be a layer of the illustrator file.

Think Audrey Hepburn meets Dagny Taggart* , Coco Chanel meets Mrs Brady** .
Think Intelligent and stylish - simple and clean but not exclusive; it needs to be combined with elements of warmth and accessibility.

It is also likely that more development work will be required for the web-site itself. Please bear this in mind for the banner and logo design.

The logo design to be connected to the banner.

*Dagny Taggart, main character from ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ann Rynd
** From 1970’s US TV show The Brady Bunch

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