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one for you one for me.


'one for you one for me’ aims to be the online boutique for style savvy shoppers. Stocking a unique collection of stylish, functional and preferably indispensable goodies, we are the first port of call for those seeking gifts to impress. (Or perhaps, as our name suggests, our shoppers may find it hard to resist something fabulous to treat themselves at the same time). Our selective range encompasses; homewares, kids, accessories, and fashion and will stand head and shoulders above our competitors not just because of the outstanding quality of our range but also due to the unique nature of our customer experience. This is not to be your average internet shopping interaction…YAWN. We aim to delight, and nothing less. From the quality of our zesty website through the ordering process to the shipment and delivery of gorgeously presented products, we want to hear ooohs and aaahs of appreciation from start to finish. And maybe even some guffawing at our witty repartee. This is a website that you will want to recommend to your friends, time and time again.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Who are we targeting? There is a multitude of busy women out there beavering away at their professional careers whilst juggling armfuls of kids and a frantic lifestyle. By golly, these women may have husbands racing between home, work and any number of sporting events, birthday parties, or sleepovers at the zoo that the kids might throw at them on a typical weekend. We understand that people are busy and have a genuine need for some other bod to hit the streets and source fantastic gifts to treat the treasured people in their lives. We also know that these people want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to style; this shows in the type of gifts they buy and the way that they give them. They demand a very high standard of customer satisfaction and want to shop where they feel valued and their business appreciated.
Where are these busy busy people? Well, they’re everywhere aren’t they? However, we are based in Sydney, Australia so initially our target is an Australian market, although international customers will be targeted further down the line (but welcomed from the start).


OK, here we go.
Really you've got a carte blanche situation here but let me guide you by explaining some likes/ dislikes.
Likes: crisp, clean uncluttered things. A very contemporary feel.
Have a look at Country Road branding ( to see bright white block letters out of latte (shopping bags) or chocolate (website) coloured background. I want to present a crisp modern look that's not confusing or messy. A neutral colour palette (beige, ecru, latte is appealing but I don't know how that colour scheme would flow through to website etc. ??) Happy to consider others.
I imagine a logo using the words 'one for you one for me' maybe all in lower case as I've suggested. I think I've explained the meaning of the name earlier, but just in case; we are a shop where you will want to buy something for your friend, but can't resist something for yourself at the same time. Perhaps there's an element of cheekiness in this that might come through in the logo? Could play with 'The online boutique for style savvy shoppers' as the strapline.
Please avoid use of clip art, stock photos and numerals: 14u14me is not something I'm keen on at all. is a nice smart logo. Perhaps a little corporate but neat and tidy. - colour scheme doesn't appeal, feels rather generic and once again quite a corporate look.
Feel free to suggest any colour schemes that you think might fit.

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